SVN installation and configuration SVN integration MyEclipse

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SVN installation:
1. Install the server
######### installation files: SVN server ###############
# #
Click Install Collabnetsubversion-server.exe, select the Svnserve installation mode at the second next, and remove the second tick.
You can select your own installation path and click Next to finish.
Program is installed to: C:\Program files\collabnet\subversion Server

2. Install the Client
######### installation files: SVN client ###############
# #
Click Install software and follow the prompts to install.

3. Configure the server

After the installation of Collabnetsubversion is complete, use the command line tool to create a repository
A. Create an empty folder named SVN (for example, D:\SVN\) as the root of all your repository
B. Create another directory in D:\SVN\ Svnrepos
C. Open a command-line window (or DOS window), enter the D:\SVN\ directory,
Svnadmin Create--fs-type Fsfs Projrepo
In this way, you create a new repository in D:\SVN\SvnRepos\ProjRepo.

4. Modify the configuration file

Configure three files in the D:\SVN\SvnRepos\ProjRepo\conf directory, respectively, as Svnserve.conf,passwd,authz

<1> file svnserve.conf To remove the # number from the front, modify the following:

Anon-access = None

auth-access = Write

Password-db = passwd

Authz-db = Authz

<2> file passwd Add user, modify as follows:


admin = 123456

<3> file Authz modified as follows:


admin = Admin


@admin = RW

*= R

5. Running Svnserve

In Terminal input:
Svnserve.exe-d-R D:\SVN\SvnRepos

6. Running Svnserve in the form of service
Running Svnserve directly with ordinary users is usually not the best approach. It means that your server must have a user logged in, and remember to restart Svnserve after restarting the server. The best way to do this is to run Svnserve as a Windows service.
SC create Svnserve binpath= "C:\Program files\collabnet\subversion server\svnserve.exe--service--root D:\SVN\SvnRepos \projrepo "Displayname=" Subversion "depend= tcpip start= Auto

#Add a description after creating the service#
Run the following code
SC description Svnserve "Subversion Server (Svnserve)"

7. Configure SVN in MyEclipse:

Method one (which I did in this way, and no problem):

<1> If this option is not used, click Help-software Updates---add/remove software ... In the dialog box that appears, select Add---add Site---Enter name svn,url for Click ok--to expand Personal sites--Check subclipse--installation is complete

Open the MyEclipse menu---Window---show View---Other ... select svn---The SVN repository appears in the lower right corner of MyEclipse with the SVN perspective.

<2> Right-click---new---repository location in the blanks, write in the URL option: svn://localhost/, OK

Enter the user name and password (for the user name and password previously modified in the file) in the popup dialog box to determine

<3> Right-click the established repository location, create a new remote folder, fill in the folder name, Next-finish

<4> Right click on new remote folder, choose Import option, select the directory to import the target file, click OK

<5> Open the File menu---New---Others ...--- SVN---Go out of the SVN project---Next---the selected repository location---Next---Select the target remote folder---Next---name the project---Finish

Method Two (this method installs the Subclipse will have a little bit of problem, solves is quite troublesome):
Download Subclipse,
<2> unzip the secondary files in myeclipse menu--help--sofeware update--add/remove software ...---add--add local--Check Personal sites--complete the installation.

SVN installation and configuration SVN integration MyEclipse

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