SVN usage options failed with unable to connect to server

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Operating system: win8.1

SVN version: tortoisesvn-

Installing Windows software is basically a fool-only installation Next->finish SVN is no exception.

Install the files on the server under the checkout is it, then the problem come on, little brother I'm stuck here

SVN cannot connect the server, colleagues can, in the browser can access, also can ping, link http for HTTPS, SVN or the same effect

Asked the next colleague actually did not encounter this problem, not science ah, well, had to try various methods on the Internet

But I think this time you should do is to restart the computer, more reliable, to solve this problem on the Internet is no more than what methods, I do not list.

Here, I'll share my solution with you.

1. Restart your computer

2. Search for the "subversion" keyword under the current user directory, locate a Subversion directory (hidden) under the C:\user\ user name \appdata directory, and delete the files in the directory (or cut to a folder What if my method doesn't work on your machine?

3. Use the small turtle to connect, OK checkout success

Words: This kind of suspicion is the small turtle in the configuration of the local files produced by the impact, in this, I did not delve into the specific, but also welcome you crossing have to know the exchange.

SVN usage options failed with unable to connect to server

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