SVN's Directory Migration

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The development engineer proposed to organize the database, is to put the previously chaotic directory structure into a new library, and retain the previous version and log information. After searching the solution online and verifying it, the solution is summarized as follows:

Need to use tool Rsvnmanager,

The download address is:,

Command Help:

1. Download rsvndump-0.5.5.tar.gz

2. Installation
[Root@localhost opt]# tar zxvf rsvndump-0.5.5.tar.gz

[Root@localhost opt]# CD rsvndump-0.5.5
[Root@localhost rsvndump-0.5.5]#./configure--with-apr=/usr/local/apache/bin/apr-1-config

(If you have not installed Apr before, you must install APR, usually installed in the/USR/LOCAL/APR directory, in the above command to change to this directory is good)

[Root@localhost rsvndump-0.5.5] #make

[root@localhost rsvndump-0.5.5] #make Install

After the installation is complete, Rsvndump will appear in the/usr/local/bin directory

[Root@localhost bin]# ls
Coraenv dbhome oraenv Rsvndump

3. Export

First, export the content you want to export to the dump file, in this case the export content is .../test_proj/trunk/src directory, where test_proj is the configuration library

[Root@localhost ~]# rsvndumphttp://localhost/opt/svndata/test_proj/trunk/src > Src.dump

[Root@localhost ~]# Cd/opt/svndata

4. Import

Import to Configuration library tut_proj, parent directory is .../tut_proj/svnmanager/doc, where parent directory is built first, otherwise import error

[root@localhost ~] #svnadmin load Tut_proj--parent-dirsvnmanager/doc < ~/src.dump

Note that the import is only the original .../test_proj/trunk/src directory of files, not including the SRC directory AH.

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