Swift calls Objective C's framework

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Many GitHub libraries after many years of development, the source code are written by OC, so, using Swift to call OC Library is a problem inevitably encountered in the development, this article takes afnetworking as an example, explains how to call across languages.

The first step

Create an empty Project
Note that the language chooses Swift

Step Two, create the Bridging-header

way one  
Create an OC file and click OK &NBSP,
pop up if you want to create a bridging-header, click OK, this will generate three files, One of them is the swiftuseafnetworkingdemo-bridging-header.h  we want to use;

Span style= "FONT-SIZE:16PX;" >

mode two, create any header file and set it to Bridging-header in buildsetting
Create a header file named Bridge (any)

Set in Build setting

step three, install the library (to install the Cocoa Pod in advance)

Then, my habit is to use the command line to modify this file
To the catalog of the project
3.1 Initializing Pods

pod init
    • 1

3.2 Modifying Podfile

vim Podfile
    • 1

And then modify it to the 3.3 installation library. It's probably a long time waiting.


3.4 Reopen the project, note that the project to open the pod

Fourth step, import in header file

Fifth step, test

Full code

//Viewcontroller.swiftSwiftuseafnetworkingdemo//Created by Huangwenchen on 15/4/8.Copyright (c) 2015 Huangwenchen. All rights reserved.//Import Uikitclass Viewcontroller:uiviewcontroller {lazyvar Manager:afurlsessionmanager= {var configuration= Nsurlsessionconfiguration. Defaultsessionconfiguration ()var Deaultmanager= Afurlsessionmanager (sessionconfiguration:configuration);return deaultmanager; } () override Func Viewdidload () {Super. Viewdidload ()var URL= Nsurl (String"Http://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/posts")var request= Nsurlrequest (Url:url!)var datatask= Manager. datataskwithrequest (Request, Completionhandler: {(response:nsurlresponse!, data:anyobject!, Error:nserror!) -> void in NSLog ( "%@", data.description)}) Datatask.resume ()} }

Test, the library was used successfully.

Swift calls Objective C's framework

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