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1 integer type

An integer is a number that has no fractional part.

There are two types of integers:

(1) signed integer type: denotes negative integer, 0, and positive integer

(2) unsigned integer type: represents 0, and positive integers

There are 5 ways to represent signed integer types:

(1) Int8:8 bits in memory, the range indicated is: -128~127

(2) Int16:16 bits in memory, the range indicated is: -32768~32767

(3) Int32:32 bits in memory, the range indicated is: -2147483648~2147483647

(4) Int64:64 bits in memory, the range indicated is: -9223372036854775808~9223372036854775807

(5) Int: In a 32-bit system, int = Int32; In a 64-bit system, int = Int64.

In addition to memory optimization and performance tuning, it is recommended that you always use int to represent a signed integer type.

Can improve the consistency and reusability of code.

※ The first digit is the sign bit

Let int8min:int8 = int8.min//-128let int8max:int8 = Int8.max//127let int16min:int16 = int16.min//-32768let int16max:Int Int16.max//32767let int32min:int32 = int32.min//-2147483648let int32max:int32 = Int32.max//2147483647let int64min: Int64 = int64.min//-9223372036854775808let int64max:int64 = Int64.max//9223372036854775807let intmin:Int = Int.min//-9 223372036854775808let intmax:int = Int.max//9223372036854775807

Unsigned integer types are represented in 5 ways:

(1) UInt8:8 bits in memory, the range indicated is: 0~255

(2) UInt16:16 bits in memory, the range indicated is: 0~65535

(3) UInt32:32 bits in memory, the range indicated is: 0~4294967295

(4) UInt64:64 bits in memory, the range indicated is: 0~18446744073709551615

(5) UINT: In a 32-bit system, UINT = UInt32; In a 64-bit system, UINT = UInt64.

It is recommended to use an int instead of a uint, even if you know that the stored values are non-negative.

To improve the consistency and reusability of your code.

※ No sign bit

Let uint8min:uint8 = uint8.min//0let uint8max:uint8 = Uint8.max//255let uint16min:uint16 = UInt16.min//0let Uint16max:U Int16 = Uint16.max//65535let uint32min:uint32 = uint32.min//0let uint32max:uint32 = Uint32.max//4294967295let uint64min : UInt64 = uint64.min//0let uint64max:uint64 = Uint64.max//18446744073709551615let uintmin:uint = UInt.min//0let Uintmax : UInt = Uint.max//18446744073709551615

You can access the Min and Max properties of different integer types to get the minimum and maximum values for the corresponding type.

If a variable or constant is declared and initialized without specifying a data type, the system is inferred by default as an int type.

var tmpint8:int8 =//error Integer literal overflows when stored into int8//var tmpint8:int8 = -129//error Inte GER literal-129 overflows when stored into int8var tmpint8:int8 = 127//tmpint8 = tmpInt8 + 1//errorvar tmpint =//int

There are 4 ways to represent the literal value of an integer type:

(1) Decimal: Default binary

(2) Binary: Start with 0b

(3) Octal: Start with 0o

(4) 16 binary: Start with 0x

* Uppercase letters are not allowed: B, O, X

var tmpbinary = 0b11011//27//var tmpbinary2 = 0b1101//errorvar tmpocx = 0o23//19//var tmpocx2 = 0o23//var Tmphex = 0x4 59F//17823//var tmphex2 = 0x459f//error

You can add several 0 or _ to the literal value of an integer type to improve readability.

Let Int64maxconstant:int64 = 0922_3372_0368_5477_5807let Uint64maxconstant:uint64 = 18446_74407_37095_51615

If you are doing a variable or constant of two different integer types, you must make an explicit type conversion.

var tmpint8:int8 = 12var tmpint16:int16 = 30//tmpint8 = tmpint16//error Cannot assign value of type Int16 to type int8tmp int8 = Int8 (tmpint16)//30//tmpint16 = Tmpint8tmpint8 = 40tmpint16 = Int16 (tmpint8)//40//tmpint8 + tmpint16//errortmpint 8 + Int8 (tmpint16)//80int16 (tmpint8) + tmpint16//80var result = Tmpint8 + Int8 (tmpint16)//int8//var result:int16 = Tmpi Nt8 + Int8 (tmpint16)//error

Swift Learning Notes _ Data type _ integer type

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