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[Csdn November 15 Message]Sun announced on Wednesday that it will provide xen-based hypervisor-xvm and Sun xvm Ops Center, which are used to produce virtual machines while others are used to manage them.

To this end, CEO Jonathan Schwartz said Sun is entrusting US $2 billion to R & D to build xvm. Production Line To manage virtual Technology Multiple environments. This is because "users respond to their urgent needs as the next generation of superior virtual management and architecture leaders ." He said. I don't know what VMware thinks. VMWare has provided ESX hypervisor and virtual infrastructure 3 management. Software .

Jonathan Schwartz said joining virtualization is significant for sun. Sun has provided Solaris iners under Solaris on the ultrasparc hardware, and third-party system management is still effective, because xvm will support any of Linux, windows, and Solaris Operating System And the same physical server supports all three.

Xvm hypervisor applies key features of the Solaris 10 operating system, such as ZFS and 128-bit file systems, which increase the number of address spaces. "Windows will benefit from the advantages of ZFS ...... We can graft the excellent features of the Solaris 10 operating system to the user's operating system ." Said rich green, executive vice president of Sun software. It means that a virtual machine is managed by a hypervisor and passes commands to the hardware, whether running in Linux, Windows or Solaris.

It is worth mentioning that Sun's two products (xvm and Sun xvm Ops Center) will both be open-source and will provide free download on a new sun-dominated Website: openxvm.org. Sun also provides technical cooperation for enterprises that require commercial support.

2 billion. I don't know what the consequences are ~~~~~~

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