Switch Linux to FreeBSD and linodefreebsd on linode

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Switch Linux to FreeBSD and linodefreebsd on linode

PS: data needs to be backed up and restored by itself, rather than being seamlessly switched.

Linode official offers an article: https://www.linode.com/docs/tools-reference/custom-kernels-distros/install-freebsd-on-linode

There is no problem by referring to the article.

Main steps: 1. Create a partition for image installation, 1 GB size. Volume label Installer in the format of unformatted/raw

2. Create a partition for installation. The size is sufficient (so far, the minimum Linode configuration is 20 GB or above ). FreeBSD, in the format of unformatted/raw

3. Create two configuration files. Disable all Filesystem/Boot Helper.

The Installer configuration is: SDA --> FreeBSD, SDB --> Installer, root --> SDB, and the Kernel is Direct Disk.

FreeBSD is configured as SDA --> FreeBSD, root --> SDA, and the Kernel is also a Direct Disk.

Start from an existing Linux instance (you need to modify the configuration and mount an Installer), download the FreeBSD USB flash drive installation image, and run the following command

curl $latest | dd of=/dev/sdb

Replace $ latest with the latest memstick. img address of FreeBSD. Sdb is also filled in according to your actual installer disk Mount location.

Use the Installer configuration to restart. After starting, switch to Remote Access on the Linode control panel, find the Glish mode at the bottom of the screen (simulating the connection to the keyboard and display), and continue. For specific operations, see the above article. Basically all are default configurations.

Note that FreeBSD disables ssh logon to the root account by default. You need to add a user and change the user group to the wheel group. In this way, the user will have su and ssh permissions.

You can use the default setting for other functions.

After installation, you can install the response software in/usr/ports. If you do not know where the software is, you can directly search for the software, such as whereis curl, and enter the corresponding directory, run make install clean to install the response software.


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