Switch Management mode 1-telnet login and management switch

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In general, switches can be managed in a variety of ways, and the user can choose the most appropriate way to manage the switch, with the following 5 management modes supported by the switch:

1) Local management through the console port using the terminal.

2) local or remote management via Telnet mode.

3) Enable the Web configuration method, through the browser for graphical interface management.

4) Pre-editing the configuration file, the network management via TFTP.

5) using the asynchronous port to connect the modem for remote management.

1-telnet Login and Management switch

Topology structure:

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IP address of 1.PC machine :

2. Configure the Switch host name (S1), encryption enable password (123), virtual terminal password (sun123).

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3. Configure the Switch management IP address ( and turn on the VLAN1 virtual interface .

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4. View the status information for the VLAN1 virtual interface and test connectivity with PC0.

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5. Log in to the switch via Telnet. Configure the switch port F0/1, port Speed (100mbit/s), port duplex mode (half duplex).

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6. View the switch version information. See the configuration information that is currently in effect.

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Switch Management mode 1-telnet login and management switch

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