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The Community is a group of people with the same interests or industries. The IT community is a group of technical people in the IT industry. The technical community can learn about the latest developments in the industry, learn the most cutting-edge technologies, learn and communicate with friends who share the same interests.

There are generally three types of technical communities: the first type of technical people is to search for problems. Most programmers use this method to understand the technical community, you can also ask questions in the community when you encounter problems. The second type of technical personnel consciously go to the technical community to view blogs and learn new knowledge. The third type is the people who write articles, I like to share some technologies or their practical experiences. People who often write articles also like to read articles.

In general, the technical community is the place where technical people are gathered and the best place for technical people to learn and communicate. I used my business time to sort out the top 10 IT technology communities in China based on traffic and other information to help you find your home.


Csdn (Chinese software developer network) was founded in 1999 by Jiang Tao and is a professional IT community in China. It provides full-lifecycle services such as knowledge dissemination, online learning, and career development for Chinese software developers. By June 2018, csdn had over 2500 technical members, more than 10 million Forum posts, 7 million technical resources, 13 million blog posts, and more than 4.3 million new media matrix fans.

I joined the csdn University. In, I often went to csdn to download documents when I participated in mathematical modeling. After 10 years of graduation, I recorded some software usage COMMANDS IN MY BLOG. Oracle commonly used syntax, later, I forgot my blog. During the past 11 years, I was often active in the csdn irrigation area, chatting with programmers all over the world. Later, I switched to the blog park because there were too many csdn advertisements, it was not until last year that he became a csdn blog expert and returned to sync some articles. My blog on csdn

Csdn is the most comprehensive community in the IT industry in China. Many experts and experts have hidden this community. Up to now, many scholars, graduate students, and other high-level talents have published blogs on csdn, similar massive it peers are also active in csdn, but the most criticized is that csdn has the most advertisement, and the user experience is very poor. However, this year's blog system has been revised, which is better than before, and blog experts do not need to display advertisements, which is worthy of thumb.

Link: http://www.csdn.net/

Alexa ranks 41st in the world and deserves to be the leading technical community in China.


Founded in January 2004, the blog is a knowledge sharing community for developers. Since its creation, the blog Park has been dedicated to creating a pure technical exchange community for developers, promoting and helping developers share knowledge through the Internet, so that more developers can benefit from it. The mission of the blog Park is to help developers use code to change the world.

The development history of the blog Park particularly reflects the perseverance of IT practitioners: in 2004, the blog Park was born in a small it city such as Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, with nearly four years, the blog garden is maintained by the savings of a person who has been working for several years. The blog garden is one step at a time, it is silly to manually approve the registration of each user, avoid abuse of the content on the home page, and reject inappropriate advertisements. It is silly to take care of the user experience, and the profit model is cool.

As you can see, the pages of the blog garden are very clean and refreshing, and all the dry goods are at the top of the list. There is no popular big picture carousel, and there is no advertisement. Just for such feelings, you should also like the blog garden. The biggest feature of the blog Park is that it is open enough. The articles on the homepage are determined by the readers, and each blog can be displayed by user. Therefore, the blog now has the widest range of personal blog skin interfaces, I saw the imagination of programmers in my blog.

The first job was outsourced to. In the internal work of, the Internet was not accessible, but some mainstream technical websites were accessible, including the blog garden. At that time, during the noon break, I always had to visit the technical community. The IT industry news in the blog Park attracted me and I had been developing the habit of reading industry news in the blog Park. However, it was not until 2016 that I began to write a blog in the blog garden. In the past 17 years, I became a recommendation blog in the blog garden. Now my blog is the top 30 Recommendation blog in the blog garden, it can be said that the starting point of my blog writing is from the blog Park. My blog in the blog Center

Link: http://www.cnblogs.com/

The blog Park ranked Alexa 210 in the world, second only to csdn.


Founded in 2012, segmentfault is the largest technical Q & A communication community platform in the Chinese field. You can search, exchange, and share any questions and knowledge related to technical programming. Its goal is to cover and serve more than 10 million Chinese software developers and IT Information practitioners. Its implementation method is to make full use of the various technical innovation opportunities available on various platforms to develop product applications and services for them.

Link: https://segmentfault.com/

This platform was only available in the past 17 years. The overall style of the website is concise and the user experience is relatively good in all technical communities. I checked the Alexa ranking of segmentfault on the Internet and found that the website has a higher access volume than I expected.

Segmentfault ranked 768 globally


V2ex is a community of start-ups, designers, developers and creative people.

V2ex is a community for creative workers. More than 250,000 creative workers from the Internet, gaming, and media industries are gathered here. V2ex hopes to become part of the life and career of creative workers.

V2ex is not purely a technical community in a strict sense. It is positioned as a community of creative workers, but it is actually all people in the IT industry. Everyone will like to discuss ideas, new technologies, spams, and other activities in the same post, which is very popular and the risk control mechanism of this platform is also relatively strict, page refreshing is restricted too quickly. Users often say that v2ex is a magic website.

Link: https://www.v2ex.com/

V2ex ranked 931 in the world

Open source China

Founded in August 2008, open-source China is currently the largest open-source technology community in China and has over 2 million members, it has formed several channels including open-source software libraries, code sharing, information, collaborative translation, discussion forums, and blogs, providing it developers with a platform for discovering, using, and exchanging open-source technologies.

Open source China is also a technical community that only focuses on specific fields in it. Open Source China focuses mainly on open source technologies and is suitable for those interested in this field. In 2013, open source China was acquired by hengtuo open source.

Open-source China is also the only Community in China that specializes in reporting open-source events. The website will report all the information in the open-source community in real time, as well as the Chinese GitHub: gitee.

Link: http://www.oschina.net/

Open source China ranks 969 in the world


W3school is the largest Web Developer resource on the Internet, including comprehensive tutorials, complete reference manuals, and a large code library.

The following is a brief description of w3school:

  • W3school is the largest Web Developer resource on the Internet.
  • W3school is completely free
  • W3school is not profitable
  • W3school has been upgrading and updating
  • W3school is a member of the W3C Chinese community and is committed to promoting W3C standard technologies.

As a front-end programmer's favorite, w3school first shared many easy-to-understand front-end tutorials, and later some back-end tutorials.

Link: http://www.w3school.com.cn

W3school ranked 989 in the world


Founded in 2005, 51cto has established a professional IT career growth platform. It has 15 million registered users, covering most IT practitioners in mainstream Chinese cities, it is the first professional service platform serving it technicians in China.

Link: http://www.51cto.com

51cto ranked 1145 in the world

51cto started to focus on the field of O & M, which is also a technical community that gathers the largest number of O & M Technical Talents in China. Later, it gradually became a technical community covering the whole field.

In particular, the 51cto blog platform was revised 2.0 this year. After the revision, the user experience improved significantly, adding new features such as MD, appreciation, and system interconnection, so far, this is the most comprehensive consideration for authors in all technical communities and the best experience. I opened a blog in 51cto in. Currently, it ranks among the top 10 followers of the blog. My blog on 51cto

51cto blog

Blog link: http://blog.51cto.com/


Chinaunix.net (Cu) is an open-source technology community website focusing on Linux/Unix operating system technology, software development technology, database technology, and network application technology. Founded in 2001, after years of efforts and development, Cu has become the world's largest and most popular Chinese website for Linux/Unix technology.

Cu aims to provide free, open, and free communication space for all friends who love Linux/Unix and open-source technologies. Only focus on one field. Small and refined are the characteristics of Cu. If you are interested in Linux/Unix technology and other fields, Cu is a good choice. If you are interested in other fields, there may be no discussions or materials on Cu.

Link: http://www.chinaunix.net/

Chinaunix ranked 3835 in the world

Bole online

Bole online was founded in 2010 and was jointly launched by Huang yuliang and Huang Limin to serve as a professional IT Internet professional community.

Link: http://www.jobbole.com/

Bole online mainly selects articles by professional editors, so the quality of the articles is good, and it is precisely because of this that the popularity is insufficient.

Bole ranked 6004 in the global access volume.


It eye (formerly called javaeye) was founded in September 2003. Founder Fan Kai learned and studied Java's open-source framework, but found that there was no discussion, so I built this Java website myself. Now, the iteye website has developed into a comprehensive Chinese IT portal and community website with rich functions covering the entire software development field.

Iteye is famous for its professionalism. It is said that during the initial stage of website creation, new users must register with each other and make 13 multiple-choice questions related to Forum rules. If they are incorrect, they will not pass the review. Since its acquisition by csdn, iteye has never been updated and its popularity has declined. It has now become a second-tier camp.

Link: http://www.iteye.com/

Iteye ranked 8473 in the world

In recent years, with the continuous development of the industry, some new communities have emerged, three of which are representative and shared with you.


Founded in August 2015, the Nuggets first came from rare earth, a subforum of rare earth. Instead, the Nuggets used as a technology sharing website became popular, as a result, the Founder Yin Ming immediately adjusted his direction and vigorously developed the nuggets. Last year, the Nuggets also opened their own columns and workbooks, slowly switching from a technology article sharing website to a comprehensive technology community and looking forward to future development.

Link: https://juejin.im

The Nuggets ranks 6306 in the world

Developer headlines

The developer headlines is also a technology sharing platform that suddenly became active in the last two years. It was created by a group of programmers. My first impression on it was mainong weekly, codenong weekly is an IT weekly designed for programmers. The platform selects and pushes it dry goods for one week each week. Some time ago I found that some of my independent blog's traffic came from this website. Currently, developers have gathered a group of technical enthusiasts.

Link: https://toutiao.io/

Developer headlines ranked 26398 in the world


Gitchat is a platform-based Knowledge Sharing product. Through this product, we hope to change the way we learn it knowledge. Gitchat is a pioneer in technology payment, and it has made a relatively early job in the field of technology knowledge payment in China.

In the past 17 years, I found someone posting a message in my public account asking me to share a message at gitchat. At that time, I didn't know what gitchat was doing. I made a try and shared it: From the Perspective of Architecture Evolution, what have spring cloud done ?, After that, I took another course: I quickly learned the spring Boot Technology stack. I didn't expect that the sales volume of this course had reached the top three selling platforms a year later, which was quite encouraging. Gitchat was later acquired by csdn, so we will also see gitchat recommendation content in csdn.

Link: http://gitbook.cn/

Gitchat ranked 31341 in the world


The overall technical atmosphere of the IT community in China is still very good. In recent years, many new technical communities have emerged, some of which are vertically oriented and some are oriented to all IT personnel, in the end, it has promoted the technological development of the IT industry. But at the same time, there is still much room for improvement in the user experience and openness of most technical communities. There is no ideal open and comprehensive technical community. Maybe this is the next opportunity?

Finally, as a beneficiary of the IT technology community, I would like to thank all the technical community staff for creating a place for them to learn and exchange. You can also talk about the technical communities that are active at ordinary times. Please leave a message.

[Switch] which of the top 10 technical communities in China do you know?

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