Sword breaking iceberg-Oracle development art book reviews (by yxyup)

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You are lucky to get this book. From this book, you can learn the database development experience, development skills, and database programming ideas of several authors. Several authors are
I am a senior developer of the Development edition. I know that their development skills are quite strong. Several authors have gathered to share the essence of their accumulated work over the years, this is something that deserves our pleasure. This book includes database development specifications, development methods, database development design, database optimization, and other highlights. The authors present their years of work experience in plain and humorous languages to us. In addition to development knowledge, the authors also explain in detail

SQL trace
And so on
Database optimization tools. Believe the author, believe this book, can give
Database developers are very helpful. Don't hesitate! Pick up this book and practice it according to what it has shared. I believe that you will surely gain something!

Yang xiangyong
System Manager and chief
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