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ASE12.5.0.3 new Features

I. Performance Monitoring system table

A new set of systems performance monitoring system tables, using the information in these system tables is very convenient for analyzing ASE server. These performance monitoring system tables are also the basis of Db-xray's work.

MDA tables, installation and configuration documentation, this is useful.

Second, multiple temporary libraries

Can let you in the System Pro

Create a user staging database outside of tempdb. The primary purpose of using multiple staging databases is to mitigate contention for system tables and log tables in the system's staging database.

Iii. External File system

Enables you to access the external file system through SQL language and maps the datasheet to the file directory or file of an external file system by creating a proxy table.

Accessing the file directory

accessing files

This is going to licenses.

Iv. Java and XML applications in DB

The adaptive server provides a Java runtime environment in which Java code can be run in ASE. The database server ASE provides a new way to manage and store data and application logic.

The following three methods can be used in ASE to use Java features:

Using Java classes as SQL data types

Calling Java methods in the database

Storing and querying XML in a database

V. New enhancements and NEW functions

Disk Resize

Sampling:update Statistics

Variable page size

Large column size

Migrate Utility

ALS (asynchronous Log service)

Server Dynamic Parameter configuration


Year (date_expression): Part of the middle-aged expression

Month (date_expression): Part of the month in an expression

Day (date_expression): An expression of the Zhongtian part

Str_replace (String_expression1, String_expression2,

STRING_EXPRESSION3): Replaces the String_expression2 string in String_expression1 with the String_expression3 value.

Left (character_expression, integer_expression): Returns a string that specifies the number of characters in the left-hand side of the string.

Len (string_expression): Returns the number of characters (character) for a string, noting that it is not a byte number and does not contain an empty partition.

Square (numeric_expression): Returns the square number

NEWID ([Optionflag]): A readable random string that produces a 32-bit or 36-bit (including dash).

VI. SQL Debugger

ASE12.5 provides a command-line debug tool SQLDBGR that you can use to debug tracing of stored procedures and triggers.

ASE 12.5.1 New Features

One, Dynamic Data caching

The ASE 12.5.1 can dynamically change the data cache without restarting the ASE server as in previous versions. With the dynamic Sp_cacheconfig feature, you can immediately free memory and redistribute it. With the dynamic capabilities of Sp_cacheconfig, the following tasks can be accomplished:

Create a new data cache

Space to enlarge existing data cache

Changing the type of data cache

II. automatic growth of database space

ASE 12.5.1 provides database space and database equipment automatic growth function, when the database space is not enough, the database first expands the space, when the database equipment space is not enough, the database equipment expands the space. The automatic growth of database space is set up by Sp_dbextend storage process.

Third, database loading and unloading

The purpose of loading and unloading a database is to move the database from one ASE server to another ASE server. This allows us to copy the database using the ASE External command, such as UNIX command DD or FTP. Using this method to copy the database does not require the ASE server down machine.

There are three steps to uninstalling and loading a database:

Uninstalling a database using the Unmount command

Copy related files

To mount a database using the Mount command

Use the online database command to make the target ASE server

Four, SQL derived tables

The SQL derived table (SQL derived table) is generated by a nested SELECT statement.

V. New date and time data types

ASE 12.5.1 adds two new data types to represent time and date: date and times

There are two additional functions that correspond to these two data types:

Current_date (): Back to Current date

Current_time (): Returns the current time

Vi. Task Scheduler

Task Scheduler (Job Scheduler) component

An ASE internal task: JS task

An external process: JS Agent

SYBMGMTDB database and storage process

Predefined templates (template)

Vii. further compatibility with MS SQL Server expansion features

The ASE 12.5.1 is more compatible with MS SQL Server extensions to facilitate porting applications on MS SQL Server to Sybase ASE.

ASE 12.5.2 New Features

One, statement caching (statement cache)

The statement cache enables ASE to save the executed SQL statement text so that the ASE server can compare to the SQL statement in the cache when it receives a new SQL statement, and if a matching SQL statement is found, ASE can use the previous execution plan.

Second, data backup (DUMP DATABASE) encryption

Third, the Linux system for large memory support

64G of memory can be supported after IA32 Linux uses PAE technology

Prior to ASE 12.5.2 version, up to 2.7G of memory support only

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