Sybase Data Migration Dat file import msg 8009

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These two days have been tangled in the Sybase database DAT file import problem, looked up a bunch of data, slowly summed up their own little experience.

Personally think DAT file import must meet the requirement is that the new database space size must be larger than the size of the original database, I now import a 6G dat file, its original database size of 85G, The initial size of the Sybase database should be up to 32G and can be set by ALTER DATABASE DatabaseName on DeviceName (Create a new device name) =size (size, default unit is MB, can use g), My statement is ALTER DATABASE CREDITDB on creditdata02= "30G". If the size of the space can not be satisfied, then the import operation will be error msg 3105,data on dump would not fit into the current database. Need Xxxxmbyte database, which indicates how much space is required to import.

Again msg 8009, my solution is when the load database databasename from "/xxxx/xxxx.dat", Because the original file may be in the dump export generated when the Compress compression command was compressed export generated DAT file, if you want to successfully import, you must add "compress::", my statement is the load database Creditdb from " Compression:sybase/credit_2014.dat ". Unzip the import.

If you want to compress the export DAT file statement is similar,

Dump database Creditdb to "compress::D/creditdb.dat".

Other people encountered with MSG 8009 may have other causes and workarounds. I am only experiencing this situation for the time being.

Sybase Data Migration Dat file import msg 8009

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