Symantec opens "Disaster recovery as a service" era

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From local backup to geo-replication to cloud-based disaster recovery, with the rapid development of cloud computing technology, and cloud services, the model is gradually accepted by the majority of enterprise users, data backup to the cloud is a viable data protection solution. Symantec, December 16, launched a new disaster recovery solution, Symantec Disaster Recovery Orchestrator (Sdro), which provides a one-touch cloud data protection for SMBs.

Traditional disaster-tolerant solutions are not only complex, but also costly, and are often unaffordable to enterprises. However, data protection and disaster recovery are the inevitable choice to ensure enterprise data and business security. How to cross the gap between disaster-tolerant technology and cost? Sdro was born.

Sdro can automate and manage takeover and failback of Microsoft Windows-based internal applications from physical or virtual machines to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Not only that, the new Symantec Disaster Recovery solution can also replicate application data and fully automate end-to-end application recovery. By taking the cloud as a disaster recovery goal, companies not only need to build or rent tier two data centers, significantly reduce costs, and achieve stringent recovery-time objectives (RTO) and recovery-point objectives (RPO).

Mr Xiao, general manager of Symantec Corporation China, described the Sdro as a cost-effective, flexible and easy-to-manage, one-click disaster recovery solution compared to traditional disaster-tolerant solutions. It's like a bridge that can help small and midsize businesses transition smoothly to the cloud. Combined with the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, organizations can take advantage of Sdro to enter a new world of disaster preparedness. With the Sdro solution, users can complete disaster recovery for all Windows applications with a single click, opening a new era of disaster-tolerant-as-a-service.

The maturity of a new technology, landing usually need to rely on the timing, geography, people and three elements. Sdro can be launched in due course, because of the rapid development of cloud computing technology and solutions, this is the day; as a long-term business continuity solution provider, Symantec's cloud disaster recovery solution has been brewing for a long time, from the maturity of the core technology to the understanding of the SME business, Symantec launches Sdro has fully confident, this is the geographical location; Sdro solution is also a long-term cooperation between Symantec and Microsoft technology results, for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide an economic, easy-to-use, reliable cloud disaster recovery solution is the common aspiration of both sides, this is human and. "Microsoft has just set up an azure cloud data center in China to provide a highly reliable platform for Sdro cloud disaster recovery," said Chris Crane, senior strategy director at Microsoft's China Business Cloud business unit. ”

"The launch of the Sdro program is a milestone in the long-term collaboration between Microsoft and Symantec. "The Global disaster recovery market is expected to reach $6 billion by 2018," said Chris Crane. For SMBs, deploying an efficient disaster recovery solution becomes the core business requirement, and the Sdro solution is the ideal choice for them. "In 2014, Microsoft has provided cloud platform services to more than 20,000 customers worldwide, with a minimum of 99.9% availability.

The Windows Azure cloud has landed in China and provides a high level of cloud service to Chinese customers. Chris Crane believes that Microsoft Cloud's superior scalability, data security, and reliable data center will provide strong support for Sdro's Landing.

Sdro in China is also inseparable from the strong support of partners. "Through the technical cooperation with Microsoft, as well as with the Chinese local digital, Jia Jie technology and other partners, we will continue to introduce leading solutions to help enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises to gradually transition to the cloud." "Mr Xiao said.

As a distributor of Sdro solutions, Li Xinqiang, general manager of software products Division, Jia Jie Technology (China) Co., Ltd.: "With the Sdro solution based on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, businesses of any size have access to an economical and efficient business continuity solution." ”

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Symantec opens "Disaster recovery as a service" era

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