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Eka2 is the full name of the EPOC kernel architecture. As the second generation kernel of Symbian OS, compared with the first generation eka1, eka2 improves the real-time performance of the kernel and is only used on operating systems after Symbian OS 8.1b, basically, it runs on the third edition of Saipan s60 or uiq3.0 or above. Mobile phones like N70/72 use the Symbian OS 8.1a platform and the 2nd fp3 feature package.

Compared with eka1, eka2 has the following improvements:

1. Enhanced real-time kernel, better multi-thread processing capability, and faster API calls. eka2 is a true 32-bit operating system.

2. The Memory Operation protection function improves system reliability and stability, reduces errors, plug-in memory models, and supports more ARM processor commands.

3. The main advantage of eka2 is its support for singalling stacks ). In general, the mobile phone of Symbian OS is usually executed on a distributed processor or the same processor, but it must use a complex and unreliable "hacks ". Such a "signal stack" is too complicated. It is obviously not easy to rewrite the Code so that it can operate in Symbian OS. Therefore, eka2 provides a customized hierarchy (personality layers) to implement basic primitives for general operating systems, allowing more immutability of the signal stack on Symbian OS.

Disadvantages of eka2:

1. The new kernel has a two-layer structure. The first layer is the nanokernel and the other layer is the Symbian OS, while the latter is still the micro kernel to ensure efficient operation.

2. eka2 is reduced to 8 KB by default in stack space.ProgramThe memory usage needs to be accurately calculated; otherwise, a serious panic error may occur, resulting in program crash.

3. The new binary encoding method makes the new program unable to be compatible with the old version. The underlying arm commands have changed, making it difficult to transplant.

Eka2 and eka1 are different from each other:

In the first and second versions of Symbian s60, we have seen that the program entry is a multi-state DLL, and the third version of s60 is an executable entry such as EXE, to adapt to the new security mechanism.

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