Symfony2 command Line

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Project directory execution: PHP app/console
Options:--help-h            Display this Help information--quiet-q           do not output any information--verbose-v         increase the level of detail--version-v         Show the version number of this program--ansi               Force ANSI output--NO-ANSI            prohibit ANSI output--no-interaction-n  ask for no interaction issues--shell-s           start shell--process-isolation  Using the shell as a separate process start command--env-e             environment name--no-debug           shutdown Debug mode

Available commands:help Display Help information for a command list assetic Asse Tic:dump saves all asset to the file system. Assets Assets:install installs asset for each bundle site in the public site directory. Cache Cache:clear clears the cached cache:warmup Warms up an empty cache config Config:debug Extend the current configuration config:dump-reference the default configuration extension container Container:debug Displays the current service for the application debug Debug:config the currently configured extension Debug:container displays the application's current service debug : Event-dispatcher Displays the application's configuration listener Debug:router displays the current path of the application Debug:swiftmailer Displays the current message of the application debug:translation the translation of the message information Debug:twig list shows the function of Twig, Filters, global variables, and test doctrine Doctrine:cache:clear-metadata clears all metadata caches for an entity manager. Doctrine:cache:clear-query clears all query caches for an entity manager Doctrine:cachE:clear-result clears the result cache for an entity manager Doctrine:database:create creates a configured database Doctrine:database:drop Delete a configured database doctrine:ensure-production-settings confirm that the doctrine configuration is correct in the production environment Doctrine:generate:crud based on do Ctrine entity Generation additions and deletions (CRUD) doctrine:generate:entities generate a stub of entity classes and methods from your mapping information doctrine:generate:entity generate bun The new doctrine entity in Dle doctrine:generate:form generates a form type class based on doctrine entity Doctrine:mapping:convert between supported formats Transformation mapping Information Doctrine:mapping:import Import mapping information from an existing database Doctrine:mapping:info displays the basic information for all mapped entities doctrine : Query:dql run any of the DQL Doctrine:query:sql directly from the command line and run any SQL directly from the command line doctrine:schema:create Execute (or dump) The SQL statement required to generate the database schema Doctrine:schema:drop execute (or dump) The SQL statement required to delete the database schema Doctrine:schema:update Execute (or dump) update the SQL statement required to match the current mapping metadata database schema generate Generate:bundle generate bundle Generate:controller Generates a controlGenerate:doctrine:crud based on doctrine entities generate CRUD Generate:doctrine:entities generate entity classes and methods from your mapping information stub gene Rate:doctrine:entity generates a new doctrine entity in the bundle Generate:doctrine:form generates a form type class init based on doctrine entity Init:acl installing ACL data tables in the database ORM orm:convert:mapping Conversion supports mapping information between formats router ROUTER:D Ebug displays the current route for the application Router:dump-apache dumps all routes to Apache rewrite rules security Security:check Check your project dependencies for security issues Server Server:run running PHP built-in Web server Server:start Start in the background PHP built-in Web server server:status output the state of the built-in Web server for a given address server:stop Stop PHP's built-in Web server from the server's startup command Swiftmailer Swiftmailer:debug display the application's current message Swiftmailer:email:send Simple Mail Send swiftmailer:spool:send send e-mail from pool translation translation:debug display message information for translation TR Anslation:update Update the translation file twig Twig:debug list shows twig features, filters, global variables and tests Twig:lint Lint a template output encountered an error in Yaml yaml:lint lint a file output encountered

Symfony2 command Line

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