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This article describes in detail the method of Symfony2 installation. Share to everyone for your reference, as follows:

First, composer installation Symfony

Composer installation Symfony method in the previous article "Symfony 10 minutes to get started" is introduced

Second, Symfony installer installation Symfony

Here to highlight the second method of Symfony installer installation Symfony

1. Install Symfony Installer

Console execution Commands

[Sun@localhost html]$ curl-lss > Symfony.phar[root@localhost html]# mv Symfony.phar/ Usr/local/bin/symfony[root@localhost html]# chmod a+x/usr/local/bin/symfony

Now you can use Symfony as the system global command to execute the symfony Setup program.

2. Create a project

Create a project named blog under the Web root directory
Copy the Code code as follows: [Sun@localhost html]$ symfony New Blog
This command creates a new project called blog, based on the latest stable version of Symfony. Additionally, the installer checks to see if your system meets technical requirements to execute the symfony application. If not, you will see a list of changes that need to meet these needs.

The Symfony application, called a blog, is installed. As for how to configure, in the "Symfony 10 minutes of introduction" in detail.

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It is hoped that this article is helpful to the PHP program design based on Symfony framework.

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