Synchronize Linux system time and clock speed

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Synchronize Linux system time and clock speed-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. In Linux, the clock speed not only updates the system clock from the NTP server, but also computes the clock frequency and manages the system time accordingly.

Many people who want to keep an accurate computer clock Use Network Time Protocol (NTP) to set their clock Time to the same Time as the atomic clock. NTP is a way to ensure that all computers in a network have exactly the same time, so as to help supervise and record files and routine automatic maintenance work.

However, if you have a fairly large network, NTP can provide considerable traffic to keep the clock updated. To some extent, it needs to run regularly to adjust the individual clock frequency on different computers. Therefore, unless you have configured your NTP server for your network, it cannot generate more traffic than you expected.

Another option is the D. J. Bernstein clock speed program. It can not only update the system clock from the NTP server, but also calculate the clock frequency and manage the system time accordingly.
With clock speed, you only need to occasionally synchronize the NTP server after the initial configuration; this occasional time can even be once a year.

First, download the clock speed from the network for compilation and installation. Then, use the sntpclock tool to view the differences between the remote clock and the local clock, as shown below. (Replace with the IP address of the remote NTP server ).

# Sntpclock | clockview

This shows the current time and the time displayed by the NTP server. Perform the following operations to update the local clock to the same time as the NTP server:

# Sntpclock | clockadd

Next, add the following content to/etc/rc. d/rc. local to run the clock speed, just like the daemon background program.

Clockspeed &

The clock speed installation file further provides information for viewing and adjusting the system clock several days or weeks later. It will synchronize your local clock and remote clock within minutes every century. In this regard, the time for one-year verification is very reasonable.
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