Syntax for ORALCE client tool Sql*plus

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The ㈠ command line uses sqlplus syntax to explore.

Serial number
Command line
Examples of usage
> Sqlplus
Ii sqlplus [option]
> sqlplus-l
Sqlplus [Logon]
> sqlplus [email protected]
Sqlplus [/nolog]
> Sqlplus/nolog
Sqlplus [start]

① screen prompts for user name, password to connect to the default database

② command Options

-C <version>
Sets the compatibility of the affected command to the version specified by <version>.
Try to log in only once
-M "<options>"

Sets the automatic HTML markup for the output.

The format is:
HTML [on| OFF] [HEAD text] [BODY text] [TABLE text]
[Entmap {on| OFF}] [SPOOL {on| OFF}] [Pre[format] {on| OFF}]

-R <level>
Set the restricted mode to disable the Sql*plus command that interacts with the file system. The level can be 1, 2, or 3. The maximum limit level is-R 3, which disables all user commands that interact with the file system.
Sets the silent mode, which hides the display of the command's Sql*plus flag, hints, and echoes.

③ Specifies the user name, password, and database connection identifier of the connection database

Sqlplus {username}
Prompt to enter password, connect to default database
Sqlplus {username}/
Effect ditto
Sqlplus {Username}[/password]

Sqlplus {username}[@<connect_identifier>]

For example:

> sqlplus [email protected]

Sqlplus {username}

[As {SYSDBA | Sysoper | SYSASM}]

Set Database administration Permissions

can be a "network service name" or "host Address: Port number/Global database name" in the <connect_identifier>

The global database name is "", and the correct example usage is:

aa> sqlplus [email protected]

bb> Sqlplus System/[email protected]:1521/

*aa "My01" is the network service name, is the listener:

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④ start sql*plus without connecting to the database

⑤ to Be Continued ...

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This article from "Little Cui's experimental notes" blog, declined to reprint!

Syntax for ORALCE client tool Sql*plus

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