Synthesis of MP4 and MP3

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Target to synthesize the sounds in the MP3 into the MP4.

Third-party libraries in use: Mp4parser,

Muxing Audio/video

The API and the process is Straight-forward:

  1. You wrap the raw format file into a appropriate track object. 

     h264trackimpl H 264Track = new h264trackimpl (new Span class= "Pl-smi" >filedatasourceimpl ( "Video.h264  aactrackimpl aactrack = new  Aactrackimpl (new filedatasourceimpl ( aac               
  2. These track object is then added to a Movie object

    Movie ();addtrack (H264track); movie. Addtrack (aactrack)  ;
  3. The Movie object is a fed into a mp4builder to create the container.

    Defaultmp4builder (). Build (movie);
  4. Write the container to an appropriate sink.

    FileOutputStream (File ("Output.mp4")). Getchannel (); Mp4file. Writecontainer (FC); FC. Close ();     

Requires. h264 files and AAC files as "input" and output to MP4 format.

Test: Use Mediarecorder to generate a file with a suffix of. H264. The test can be played on the phone side. Use the above method to synthesize with an AAC file. Error:

Java.lang.NullPointerException:Attempt to read from field ' int com.googlecode.mp4parser.h264.model.PictureParameterSet.seq_parameter_set_id ' on a null object reference

New H264trackimpl (new Filedatasourceimpl ("/storage/emulated/0/dcim/testcamera/vid_2016.h264")); // Error Line

Construction failed. Google has no effect on this issue.

View Mp4parser's Issues:

Combine a music.m4a on a video.mp4 overwrite my video audio

Mp4parser's author replies:

"Basically want to merge," audio tracks to one. Players won ' t play with audio tracks at the same time. This is a with case, which requires decoding, then merging and encoding to one audio track again. The Mp4parser cannot do. I guess you'll need to use ffmpeg or the Mediacodec API. "

In a word, mp4parser can't do it.

Synthesis of MP4 and MP3

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