SysBase FAQ [set character set] And sysbase FAQ

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SysBase FAQ [set character set] And sysbase FAQ

1) character encoding problems:(2402) Error converting characters into server's character set, Some character9s) cocould not be conver[Mainly causes insert and drop exceptions]

Perform encoding settings after SysBase is installed [very troublesome]

How to view server and client character sets
View the server character set:
Run the following command in the isql environment: [environment where SQL statements can be executed]
1> sp_helpsort
2> go
View the client character set:
Run the following command in the isql environment:
1> select @ client_csname
2> go
Sybase Chinese garbled because the default encoding set is ISO-1, in Sybase Central v4.3 Chinese display as garbled, the character set is changed to CP936, Chinese garbled solution.

Character Set replacement method:
Open Sybase Central to connect to the database, open the syscharsets table of the master database, and check whether CP936 data exists in the name column. If not, go to step 2. If yes, step 3. [My own situation is as follows]

II,Run --> CMD to enter the DOS window command prompt, enter the Directory D: \ sybase \ charsets \ cp936 (this is my Sybase installation directory), and enter the command charset-Usa-P-S binary. srt cp936

III,In step 1, open the syscharsets table of the master database and check that the id of the name column CP936 is 171. Click on the database server name on the left (my server name is GZLCL) right-click --> properties --> server configuration ", select" Langguages "in" display configuration parameters ", set" default character set id "to 171, and then restart the service.
Or the isql command line: sp_configure "default character set id", 171
IV,Configure the locales. dat file: the file path is D: \ sybase \ locales. dat. Open it in notepad and find "[NT]" to change its default character set to locale = default, us_english, cp936

In this way, Chinese garbled characters in Sybase Central can be solved.

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