System Accelerator Wizard makes your computer fast.

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Let your system run faster, suitable for a variety of configuration models to use, generally can make the system to run faster than 15%-30%, for the configuration of a lower machine effect more obvious. Principle: Software to the active application through real-time scheduling of limited CPU resources, thus speeding up the program running speed. Software uses soft acceleration technology, do not overclocking, do not damage the hardware, you can rest assured that use. Is the user installed the necessary software.

Let's take a look at his accelerated effect.

First, download and install

Download System Accelerator Wizard Program

Software download is a compressed file, after decompression began to install, the software installation process is very simple, as long as the operation is prompted to complete the installation. As shown in Figure 1.

Second, the software application

After the installation is complete, double-click the

"Shortcuts, starting programs, entering the software interface. As shown in Figure 2.

Access to the software interface we can see that the software interface is very simple, clear, users can see how to operate at a glance. There are four buttons at the top of the interface: System real-time status, software Settings, acceleration records, information about the version. Users just click on the "Software Settings" button, this page settings can be. As shown in Figure 3.

Programs offer two types of acceleration: one is general acceleration and the other is crazy acceleration. Here we choose to be crazy acceleration. After setting, click the "Hide" button on the right side of the interface to hide it, the program hidden in the lower right corner of the screen tray form display.

Then the user can run the computer, how AH? Speed is not a lot faster ah? Users can also check its speed record, just double-click the lower right corner of the small icon, open the program click "Speed Record" to view. As shown in Figure 4.

Operation is also very simple, if your computer system speed is too slow, you may wish to download a try, the effect is very good oh!

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