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In recent years, intern
Which has aroused widespread attention of enterprises.
, Set up an enterprise Intranet
With its rich application in society, et
So using internet technology,
(On the Internet
Popularization and advancement of internet technology
Application on enterprise LAN
When someone calls it, it becomes fashionable.

In the unit
Construction and commitment of the local Intranet
Establish internal information development
Information is shared with each other.
Some methods and strategies of Project 1 are as follows:
Inspired by the Internet:
I am fortunate enough to be an independent technical backbone
Some software development work. This solution
Deployment System and FTP file transfer system, and
VPN technology can be accessed over the INTERNET
And some measures we have adopted are described as follows:
Overall solution design and organization participation in this ticket
After implementation, integrate the original business application system
Interconnect with subordinate organizations to achieve
The Intranet of the company.
This will be implemented now
To form an Intranet for small and medium-sized enterprises

Basic information: 1. Application ticket
Is a group distributed across regions
Serving customers with major cooperation in logistics
Location: A foreign Transportation Group is outside a Port
Branch, responsible for the transportation of import and export goods
Main business.
A trade and transportation enterprise is an economic and trade enterprise.
Import agent to transfer the import and export documents

2. Computer application: an enterprise has a board
Data transmission agent business system, which is visual foxpro 5.0
Statistical software and OFFICE software are in use.
City Network, NT 4.0 platform, the core application software running is container shipping
Developed multi-user network system. There are other personnel, finance,
There are 4 specialized computer application institutions.

The implementation of Intranet network in this unit is mainly
During the case, we mainly selected the following policies:
Information flow in the system is not smooth. On the implementer

1. Network construction plan: Single
Far from meeting the needs. Unit:
Warehouse transportation) and a container station
First in the office building
Category 5 lines, 125 Mbps bandwidth, messages
HUB uses 16 ports of 3COM
The unit and the box station adopt the dialing method
Please ). Most of them are PCs,
Basic Intranet protocol TCP/IP
Originally, there were 25 information points in the city network
The six-storey office building requires one machine, the same
. Requirements for leadership and middle-level cadres
Because the office building is not
Information. The switch uses 12 ports 3COM 3C5
. CISCO 3600 is used as the router.
And plans to use Frame Relay FR and Beijing in the future
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