System anomalies caused by Wifinat64.sys

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This afternoon received a customer report, the server network is not available, the system can not remote, log in far after the discovery system blue screen, prompted as follows:

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In this case, normal operation is Reboot ! However, after restarting, choose Normal Startup 2008R2, and the following tips:

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just at the beginning did not pay attention to prompt in the following problematic file, and restarted the side, after a series of operations, repair boot, view raid status, view system files, but has not been resolved, each reboot to the repair interface. Look again carefully, found \windows\system32\drivers\wifinat64.sys This hint of suspicious, is this file "Wifinat64.sys "Because it is a service WiFi What in itself is not needed, and then copy the file name Baidu query a bit:

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so we finally suspect that the client installed the software on the server that is not available on the service, and that the software was caused during the upgrade process, so we used PE enters the server system disk and renames the wifinat64.sys file (the customer's things are renamed without advocating deletion if there is a problem). The problem is resolved after rebooting the reboot. Finally enter the customer Service Discovery Client Server installed a large number of useless software, which caused this failure is 160wifi this software:

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, and finally here, to remind you dear customer, the server belongs to the precision equipment, his purpose is to provide services on the Internet, do is a service-side role, if installed a large number of client software, patch updates or software upgrades in particular caused the system file error situation.

this case would like to draw your attention.

System anomalies caused by Wifinat64.sys

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