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I have to say something normative. I think normative is a very important thing. Of course, normative is not just about naming variables and methods in a unified way, this is only a specification for programmers. If this scheme is a horizontal specification, the vertical specification is a specification for customers. I don't want to talk about programmer specifications, comments, variables, methods, and documents. Of course, not everyone has done this. What I want to talk about is the standardization of customers.
There are many customer specifications, such as how to set anchor in the CS System in small details, how to set the dock, how to make the page look more comfortable for users, and how to set the focus. How to provide training to customers, how to prevent users from seeing unfriendly pages, and how to simplify user operations are all normative. I have a deep understanding of the Focus settings. Some time ago I was looking for a job. After a website entered the search criteria, the button and press ENTER always failed to reach the focus. It was quite uncomfortable for me to move the mouse down and click.
Second, for a complete architecture, the log processing mechanism must be well done. log processing is not just simple to say that the output is complete. First, you must control when to output, where to output, how to output, how to record, and whether to record the database or log files. How to flexibly control the log output mode.
Third, the exception handling mechanism is also a key point for a sound architecture. How to handle exceptions, how to record them, whether they are recorded in the system, abnormal files, database exception tables, or emails sent to the Technical Department, etc, after an exception is generated, it is easier for users and technicians to see the cause of the exception. This is an important module.
Fourth, for a complete architecture, the configuration file is necessary, and some projects are only simple for the web. confg adds some configuration. I think this is not perfect at all. For the configuration, there is a lot of configuration content, such as the database to which the system connects, the customer information, and whether or not to record the log, exception, whether to allow user registration, and other flexible functions can be fully controlled in the configuration.
Fifth, for a sound architecture, it is very important to do a good job of permissions, such as how permissions are controlled and how users, groups, modules, departments, and so on are handled, how to do a workflow, how to make the permissions well match the workflow, such as how an approver is on a business trip and how to handle the approval process, etc. Although I am constantly studying this, but I think this is very important.
Sixth, for a sound architecture, the serial number generation function is also very important. Any system, whether it is an information management system or an e-commerce platform, it is important to generate a set of serial numbers in a certain format.
7. For a complete architecture, you must have code generation functions, such as basic business class generation and entity class generation. It is best to control the primary and foreign key relationships of the database, this reduces the boring workload of programmers.
This is a few important points I have summarized at present. In addition, it includes multiple languages, multiple skins, and so on. I think these are not very important at present.
When I think of it, I will make some supplements.

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