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The installation of computer network card is a very simple operation, is to open the computer mainframe chassis, simply Plug and unplug it! In fact, the installation of the network card must be in a certain order, if the order is wrong, it is likely that the new network card device can not be assigned IP address, resulting in the computer can not access the fault phenomenon.

System IP Address allocation conflict

The office has a computer's 10M old network card to keep up with the situation, ready to upgrade to the 100M network card devices. When installing the new network card device, for the sake of the diagram, convenient, direct computer power off first, and then open the computer chassis shell, unplug the old network card equipment, plug in the new network card equipment, the final installation of the computer chassis and plug in the power supply, after the computer system started successfully, and the usual way to install the network card driver , and set the IP address for the NIC.

However, it is unexpected that the computer IP address allocation completed, the system unexpectedly pop-up similar address can not be assigned to two network adapters at the same time, the failure prompts the computer is of course not online.

Encountered such a failure prompt, the author initially felt very puzzled, I have already removed the old network card device from the computer out, and at this time the computer is really only installed a network card equipment, then why the system will appear two network adapter fault prompt?

Later on the Internet to search for this phenomenon, I just understand how, the original author in the installation of a new network card, not in the correct order to enter the System Device Manager window, the old network card device driver from the system to uninstall out, Originally assigned to the old computer network card IP address is still not completely unloaded virtual network card occupied, so when the author of the previous IP address assigned to the new network card devices, the system naturally appears similar to the same address can not be assigned to two network adapters at the same time the fault prompt.

Fault resolution Method A

To solve the problem that routers cannot assign IP addresses to new network cards, the only thing we can do is to find a way to remove the virtual NIC from the system without completely uninstalling it, and then reassign the IP address to the new network card device.

In a computer with Windows XP system installed, the System's Control panel window does not have the Add/Remove Hardware feature provided by the Windows 2000 system, replacing it with the Add Hardware feature, although the Device Manager window for Windows XP system provides "show hidden devices" function, but this feature can not be removed from the old network card device display, so we naturally can not through this function of the virtual network card devices from the system uninstall.

Considering that the Add/Remove Hardware feature in the Windows 2000 system is implemented through the "hdwwiz.cpl" file under the "System32" folder, the Windows XP system uses almost the same system kernel as the Windows 2000 system. Can we use the "hdwwiz.cpl" file in the Windows 2000 system to implement the Add/Remove Hardware feature in the Windows XP system?

So I first logged into a computer installed Windows 2000 system, open the System's Explorer window, into the Windows/System32 subfolder window, find the "hdwwiz.cpl" file, paste into Windows XP system's Windows/System32 subfolder window, and finally restarts the Windows XP computer system. After the Windows XP system restarts successfully, the author opened the Control Panel window of the system, and found that the "Add/Remove Hardware" feature icon appeared.

Double-click the Add/Remove Hardware icon with the mouse. Discover the system is very normal pop-up Add/Remove Hardware Wizard dialog box, click the "Next" button, when the system pops up to select a hardware task prompts, we must the wizard prompt interface of the "Uninstall/Unplug Device" item selected, and then select "Uninstall Device" /"Show hidden devices" option, so we can see in the wizard window is not uninstalled clean Virtual network card device, then the old virtual network card device selected, and then click the "Next" button, and finally click the "Yes" button, so that the old virtual network card device can be completely removed.

Once the old NIC device is removed, so originally the device occupied by the IP address was released, at this time the author quickly open the new network Card Device Properties Settings window, and into the corresponding TCP/IP parameter settings interface, in which will release the IP address reassigned to your new network card equipment, After assigning the IP address, you must immediately try the network access, the results found that the computer can be normal Internet, which indicates that the failure to allocate IP address has been successfully resolved.

Computer Fault resolution Two

In addition, there is an easy way to get Windows XP system to quickly remove hidden virtual network card devices, the following is the implementation of the method steps:

First click the start/Run command in the Windows XP system desktop, and from the system Run dialog that pops up, enter the string command "set Devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1", and then click OK. Then execute the "start devmgmt.msc" command in the System Run dialog and go to the system's Device Manager window.

Second, click the View menu item in the menu bar of the window, run the Show hidden Devices command from the pop-up drop-down menu, then expand the network adapter option with the mouse, from which we can see the old hidden network card device, select the virtual NIC device, and right-click it, Remove the uninstall command from the pop-up shortcut menu so that the old network card device can be removed from the computer system completely.

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