System fails to boot after SELinux configuration disable

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Symptom: SELinux configuration disabled after the boot card in the scroll bar failed to enter the system
Workaround: Modify the SELinux configuration in single-user mode

                       单用户进入方式1)开机按 键盘   e    进入系统2)找到 linux16 开始,LANG=zh_CN.UTF-8结尾一行,尾部加                                   ( 空格 加上 selinux=0)3)然后 ctrl + x 启动,就看到熟悉的登录界面。修改正确selinux vim /etc/selinux/config


This file controls the state of the SELinux on the system. Selinux= can take one of the these three Values:enforcing-selinux security policy is enforced.permissive-selinux prints WA Rnings instead of Enforcing.disabled-no SELinux policy is loaded.


Selinuxtype= can take one of three, values:targeted-targeted processes is protected,minimum-modification of target Ed Policy. Only selected processes is level Security protection.


System fails to boot after SELinux configuration disable

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