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It takes a long time for a laptop to get out of the way the system slows down. On the one hand, notebook computers at the beginning of the purchase of performance and increasing software and system requirements have a certain gap, resulting in performance is not up to speed, the program runs slowly, on the other hand, for a long time, the hard disk, especially the C disk (System disk) the reduction of available space, Redundant registry files and temporary files also slow down the system as a whole.

The gap in configuration results in a performance gap, some of the old models purchased a year or two ago are certainly not as good as the newest platform laptops, and with the gradual popularization of the Windows7 64-bit operating system, the hardware needs of the software program to improve, when you use the old model of the Notebook, you will feel that the system, The software is slowing down.

For the above situation, upgrading hardware is the first choice for many users. Laptops are not like desktops, and parts that can be easily upgraded are only memory and hard drives. The memory upgrade is mainly focused on "add", while the hard drive upgrades are "replace". It is not difficult to upgrade a memory hard drive on a typical laptop. After shutting down, disconnect the power, remove the battery, use a screwdriver to remove the bottom side to protect the memory and the part of the hard drive, you can upgrade.

Upgrade memory need to note that: 1, DDR2 and DDR3 memory is not universal; 2, some notebook maximum support to expand to 4GB memory, some high-end can be extended to 8GB or even higher, in the purchase of the memory bar must be checked clearly. 3, the purchase of memory before the proposed use of hardware such as LU Master software to look at the pre-installed memory brand, as far as possible to buy the same brand.

▲DDR2 and DDR3 memory are not universal

The method of installing memory: first alignment notch, ram and water level into about 30-45 degrees, and then press down to automatically stuck to the OK, and then the boot test to identify the new added memory.

▲ the RAM and the water level are inserted about 30-45 degrees.

HDD Upgrade: A version of the notebook computer is equipped with 5400 RPM of the hard drive, can be considered to upgrade to 7200 RPM of the hard drive, while expanding a certain capacity, or directly on SSD solid-state drives. Now the price of mechanical hard drives is rising, the price of solid-state hard disk itself is not low, capacity is small, so if not necessary, upgrade the hard drive can give up or slow down.

▲ Upgrading the hard drive is relatively simple

Hard Drive disassembly: Unloading the fixed hard drive screws, is generally the level of pull, and then lift up on the OK, and then reverse operation, the replacement of the hard drive is completed. Hard disk is not like memory, compatibility is very strong, so can be more assured operation.

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