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This article mainly discusses the Windows XP SP2 in the use process may encounter some faults, and the author has given the solution method.
1. Retrieve the missing IE image Verification code

After installing SP2, most users find it impossible to display the CAPTCHA picture (shown as a red fork) in places where the verification code needs to be filled in, which is a very serious bug. The workaround is: Run the Regedit command to open Registry Editor, and then navigate to the [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software
\Microsoft\Internet Explorer
\security] ", create a new REG_DWORD value named" BLOCKXBM "on the right side of the window and set its value to" 0 "(16).

2. Solve the problem of slow download speed of BT

Many friends after the installation of SP2 found: If you open the BT download file, or BT significantly slower, or open the Web page when the speed is unusually slow, and even "unable to open the page" problem. This is due to the fact that the number of TCP simultaneous connection requests is limited to 10 in the SP2 default setting, and there are two ways we can solve this problem:

Method One: Turn off antivirus software. Turn off antivirus software to some extent to alleviate this problem, but for the sake of system security, I do not recommend this method.

Method Two: Modify the Tcpip.sys file. We use Winhex (its download address is: Http:// to complete the modification work, the specific method is as follows: First will C:\WINDOWS\ System32\Drivers directory of Tcpip.sys files copied to other directories, with Winhex Open the backup of this file, in the offset bar to navigate to the "00000130" and "4f322" line, its original value "6E 12 06 00", "0A 00 00 00 "respectively modified to" 62 13 06 00 "," FE FF FF 00 ". After saving, copy the files separately in Safe mode to cover C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS, C:\WINDOWS\SERVICEPACKFILES\I386, C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ A file with the same name under the Dllcache folder. It is noteworthy that the above is described in the SP2 version 2180 of the modified data, for other versions of the modified data values are different, you can refer to the in the table provided in the data.

Tip: You can also directly use a foreign expert to make a patch (for most of the current popular SP2 version), first copy the Tcpip.sys file to a directory, download the patch (download address: EvID4226Patch20c.exe) after it is placed in the Tcpip.sys directory to run, after the restart of the computer, and finally the same Tcpip.sys files are copied to the above three folders.

3. Let style XP revive

Many friends are using style XP to beautify the system, but after installing SP2 style XP can not be used. There are two solutions, we can download the latest version of Style XP, download the address:, you can also use the method of modifying Uxtheme.dll: Will%systemroot%\ System32 under the Uxtheme.dll copy a copy, open the copy with UltraEdit, the value of the "0001bb8c" row of the offset bar from the original "Bayi EC A1 18" modified to "F6 8B C6 C9 C2 08 0 0 "can be.

4. Modify IE's default security level

A lot of friends find that after installing SP2, when we modify IE's security settings below its default settings, the system prompts "cannot modify ..." error, which is due to SP2 restrictions on the user's setting of a lower security level. However, this may make us fail to visit certain sites, and we can modify its default security level by running the Regedit command to open Registry Editor, and then navigate to the [hkey_current_user\software\microsoft\ Windows\currentversion\internet Settings\Zones\3], modify "MinLevel" to "10000" (hexadecimal) on the right side of the window so that you can set a lower level of security.

5. Let Maxthon use SP2 pop-up window control function

After the upgrade SP2, IE added Pop-up blocker, it allows us to easily intercept most pop-up ads, its powerful even maxthon some can not filter the window can be blocked off. However, this function can only be implemented in IE, if you want to in the Maxthon, greenbrower and other IE core multiple-page browser to invoke this function, then only the Maxthon installation directory of the Maxthon.exe file name to Iexplore.exe can be changed. It should be noted that after renaming, we need to set Maxthon as the default browser again.

6. Let the system Tray not show "Windows Security Alert"

Windows security alert defaults to shutting down Windows Firewall, if the firewall software is not installed, Automatic Updates are not enabled, and so on, we can open the Security Center component in Control Panel, click the "Change Security Center ' notify me in the right side of the window", uncheck "Firewall" , Automatic Updates, virus protection.

7. Two ways to uninstall SP2

There are two ways to uninstall SP2:1. Uninstall in the Add-Remove program component of the control Panel; 2. Run the CMD command into a command prompt window and enter the following command:
CD%windir%\ $NtServicePackUninstall $\spuninstspuninst.exe follow the instructions.

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