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The System Volume Information folder is a hidden system folder that the systems Restore tool uses to store its information and restore points. There is a System Volume information folder on each partition of your computer. "System Volume Information" folder, the Chinese name can be translated into the "Systems volume label information." The backup information for System Restore is stored in this folder.


  First, right-click My Computer/Properties/System Restore Entry/select "Close all restores", and then remove the system Volume Information folder.

or My Computer/any letter/tool/Folder Options/view/restore Defaults.

(Note: Change.log is the system change log, the main monitoring of the changes in the disk area, not viruses).

  Ii. removal of System Volume information

Under normal circumstances C:/system Volume Information This folder is inaccessible and requires NTFS permissions.

1. My Computer-Tools-Folder Options-view-close hidden protected operating system files (recommended)-Hide files and folders Select to display all files and folders.

2. To view the properties of the C:/system Volume information, there will be one more security option-add-advanced-Find now-double click your current username-ok. (If no security options are visible: My Computer-tools-Folder Options-view-turn off simple sharing).

3. Return to the C:/system Volume Information Property-security option-put the full control point in the permissions.

4. At this time you can enter the C:/system Volume information, what inside have deleted it!

  Iii. complete deletion of system Volume information

1. In operation, enter gpedit.msc/(Group Policy) program/Computer Configuration/admin template/System/System Restore/Right, turn off System Restore, double-click to open it, enable.

2, in operation, enter gpedit.msc/(Group Policy) program/Computer Configuration/Admin Template/windows component/Terminal Services/windows installer/on the right there will be a shutdown create System Restore checkpoint double-click to open it and select Enable.

Show hidden files There will be a recycled in each folder Please don't worry about that is the Recycle Bin.

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