System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetRequestStream Timeout problem

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Using C # Analog Web Landing, where to request a few pages, will initiate the corresponding HTTP request requests, where keepalive set to True, submit the request, then there will be a corresponding RESPONSE:RESP = (HttpWebResponse) req. GetResponse (); The previous debugging, has always been able to get the corresponding response, and then read the HTML page. But then several times debugging, without changing the code of the premise, the results of GetResponse will always die out. Resolution 1. The default request's timeout is 1000000 milliseconds = 100 seconds, all times out, manually to 10 seconds, so it's easier to time out and not solve the problem. 2. Setting the HTTP request's keepalive to false is still the problem. 3. To refer to: C # request. GetResponse (); Timeout problem resolution, and HttpWebRequest multithreaded performance problem, request timeout error, go to the previous total of 4 HttpRequest, each increment corresponding: resp = null; if (resp!= null) {resp. Close (); } if (req!= null) {req. Abort (); The result still doesn't solve the problem. 4. Also refer to: HttpWebRequest multithreading performance problem, request timeout error, to try the DefaultConnectionLimit settings, to 10: System.Net.ServicePointManager.DefaultConnectionLimit = 10; The problem remains. 5. Again to test the next, about response. Close () also does not solve the problem. 6. Finally inadvertently, simply do not hope, again defaultconnectionlimit set to a larger value = 50; Try it out, the result is to solve the problem of timeout.

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