Table position transfer and positioning in a Word document

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Step one: First, the mouse is selected in the table, click Table Properties in table on the menu bar, in the Table tab, select Text wrapping, and the "position" option on the right that was previously forbidden is activated to dig into action.

Step Two: Click "Locate." option, the Table Positioning dialog box pops up.

Step Three: We adjust the horizontal position of the table and select a reference option in the relative to box. In the Position combo box, select the horizontal position where you want the table to be positioned, or enter the exact value of the unit in the combo box (length units can be inches, centimeters, millimeters, pounds or 12 of movable type depending on the immediate needs of the user). )。 Input 1.5cm is OK. You know.

Step four: Adjust the horizontal position above, now continue to adjust the vertical position of the table, the same method in the relative to the combo box, select a reference option, in the Position combo box, select the vertical position to position the table, or directly in the combo box, enter the specific values with units. (The method can be as above);

Step five: After you complete the above operation, you can set the table and the upper and lower values of the text in the text around the table when you need it.

Of course, if still not very familiar with the words, users can use the following small GIF animation to carefully look at the steps of the operation, so that the direct concrete it. As shown in the following illustration:

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