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"Health Care taboos" ("health care demands")

No precision, no life cycle; no food, no pulse;


No high temperature, no bone marrow, no high drinks, and urgent bladder;

No waiting for a long time is prohibited, so you are not discouraged; no cold or muscle injury is prohibited;

No long-time views, no long-time greetings, and no thirsty tongue;

No sedentary behavior, no hot food, and no bad breath;

No cool, no fat juice; no anger, not happy;

No more sleep, no relief from God; no cold food, no illness;

No outbound traffic is prohibited, so that the traffic is blocked;

No farsighted, nose; no listening for a long time, smart and closed;

No food, harmful to the gastrointestinal tract; no call, surprise soul;

Do not go far, work hard; do not have a long time to read, to be confused;

Do not get drunk, hurt and angry; do not cry, God sorrow;

No five flavors, hurt the stomach; no long-term ride, hurt the muscles.

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All the taboos mentioned above have some health care significance. They fully reflect the principle of "getting sick and getting useful" warned by the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic.

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