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Friends often answer such a question, "Thunderbolt's xx function I do not need, how to turn it off?"

Indeed, we can not guarantee every function on the Thunderbolt, friends will need to use. Therefore, friends want to customize the "Thunderbolt interface, function," the demand is very early proposed. If now is the Thunder 5 times, because many functions are written dead in the main program. Can only say "sorry, I have no way to turn off this function." ”

However, in the Thunderbolt 7 in addition to download the basic function of most of the functions, are implemented through the "plug-in". This improvement makes it very convenient to customize the Thunderbolt 7 function. and a number of features have been added to the configuration. So now it's going to say, "Let's Get started!"

Next we will introduce you to the Thunderbolt can be closed in the various functions of the closure method. (Please do it according to personal taste)

Our custom to the Thunderbolt 7.2 version of the foundation, first of all we look at Custom Thunderbolt 7 interface before and after the effect.

Before customization:

After the most streamlined customization:

Turn off the Thunder information

Go to "Configuration Center", select "Message Prompt" under "Basic Settings", then uncheck "Show Thunder Information", and click on the top right application.

Turn off the "ad" "member privilege"

Using the Open "Thunder member" of the account log into the Thunderbolt, click on the "toolbar" on the "Member" icon after the "Small triangle", select "Close ads."

Then check "Close the main screen ads" and click "OK".

Shrink "Thunderbolt Navigation"

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