Taitherm (ex-radtherm) v12.0.0 Win64 & Linux64 2CD Advanced Thermal Management design and analysis

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Taitherm (ex-radtherm) v12.0.0 Win64 & Linux64 2CD Advanced Thermal Management design and analysis
A new generation of advanced thermal management design and analysis tools for the calculation of radiation angle coefficients and sun exposure, the fastest radiant heat transfer solver on the market today
One. Nearly 20 years ago, Thermoanalytics's founders devised a solver that could be used only for radiation and radiation, and was named Radtherm. Over the past 20 years, the software has been sent
To support analysis and calculation of all heat transfer modes: radiation, conduction, convection, and advection. As published in Taitherm (ex-radtherm) 12.0, it is clear that radtherm
Can no longer represent this incredible software solution completely. Looking forward to the future of the original radtherm as the sales name of the product, is now known as Taitherm.
Taitherm (Ex-radtherm) 12.0 is currently the most powerful release version, including many exciting new features:
Distributed computing capabilities: multiple meshes and partial direct solvers provide thermal analysis solutions that now support parallel operation, providing the fastest thermal analysis solution for 3D multimodal heat transfer models

Post-processing relationships: Users can isolate or emphasize the relationship between components (parts), thus enabling the visualization of component-to-component energy contributions.
Graphics Update: Graphics Rendering performance has been significantly improved, with 10 to 100 times times more speed than ever before.
Component Pass/fail/warning Status: Components with a maximum or minimum design temperature can now be analyzed, allowing the user to compare the components at extreme temperatures and design temperatures, and
You can easily visualize the point of failure of a complex model.
Hot Rods: This same feature provides the ability to analyze the temperature of a model at any depth, and then further link your test to the simulation process.

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Taitherm (ex-radtherm) v12.0.0 Win64 & Linux64 2CD Advanced Thermal Management design and analysis

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