Take a few easy steps to make you a master tone.

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Editor's note: This tutorial is only for entry-level PS users. The Ace of Talent is kindly to detour. We are always satisfied with the color of the original film. At this point, how can we quickly adjust the beautiful tones that are similar to others? Don't think about it. Let's make a rough one.

Matching colors in Photoshop are a great tool for changing tones. He can put a picture of the color plate, redeployment in another picture, it can be used as a unifying tone, correcting colors and even turning the daytime landscape into twilight and sunset, and can also add a unique hue to your photos, especially if you like those interesting colors, this article selected a few masterpieces with the author of a few flops of the climate, Hopefully there can be a more exaggerated but meaningful demonstration effect.

Example one:


Transform effect

Reference style

So after looking at the picture above, let's talk about how to change the color of the steps

First select a picture that needs to be transformed:

Then look for a picture that wishes to imitate the hue:

Next, we drag them into the Photoshop software and open the edit matching color on the original artwork:

Select the work you want to match to type:

Then there is the moment to witness miracles:

A few easy steps you can start to imitate other people's tone for a debugging, very enjoyable it.

Take a few easy steps to make you a master tone.

Take a few easy steps to make you a master tone.

Take a few easy steps to make you a master tone.

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