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You should know the landing page analysis method, a more objective method is to use the Goodui (http://goodui.org) list to promote and measure landing page.

It is almost impossible to optimize the landing page.

It's almost impossible to optimize the landing page, but if you're designing a landing page for mobile apps, you might want to use the following information.

Provide download button

Promotional language and Screenshots

From landing pages to landing pages, app advertising should appear, so that no matter which page the user is in, the final purpose of the operation is known. In fact, there is a simple way to delete all the text on a picture, but can you be sure that the user knows what your application is without a text hint? The screenshot of the application should appear at least once on the landing page.

The promotion language is very crucial in this, recommends the study: "The best course of the year!7 recruit to teach you to write the Internet top copy!"

Animated GIF Preview

You can use animated GIF images to show how applications work and how they are used. You can read this article, "PS Master Tutorial!" teach you how to create a smooth and cool dynamic demo to learn how to make a nice animated GIF display for mobile app previews.

Provide a variety of landing methods

Give users a variety of landing options, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google Plus, if your user base includes many older people, you can add Yahoo Login:.

Feedback loop

The user experience runs through the landing page to the mobile app, the user should know how to communicate with you, how to complain to you and how to compliment you, and user feedback should be measured in seconds rather than minutes. Feedeebuzz (http://feedeebuzz.de/) is a fee-based feedback plugin that can help you build feedback loops.


If your application is multiplatform and you are unsure of which country and market to go next, you can borrow Dakwak (http://dakwak.com/), which quickly internationalize your landing page into 150 languages, through its analytics capabilities, To help you determine which country is accessing the largest number of users, and decide which market to enter.

Consider color-blind users

There may be a small number of color-blind users who visit the landing page and can use http://www.color-blindness.com to test the page.

Price sign

If your app is charged, it's best to make it easy for users to find prices, such as using ' premium ' or ' pricing ' text.

Use Google Analytics to track user conversions.

Show App Ratings

If your application has more than 100 ratings in the App Store (current version), show it generously! Note that the "Best of 2013″" display in the lower right corner is also a highly recommended way.

News media logo Use authorization.

Note that you must authorize to use.

App for business-to-business Business uses Leadfeeder.

If your app's main business is business-to-business, it's recommended to use Leadfeeder.com (http://www.leadfeeder.com/). The potential user browses to your site, but does not leave contact information, that leadfeeder.com can help you to find the missing clue.

Contains the social networking icon, allowing users to find you on social networks.

Browser Test for landing page

Can try http://www.browserstack.com/, very suitable for early stage of development.

Privacy Policy

If your application is primarily for EU users, then privacy policy is particularly important, and it is recommended to use Iubenda (http://www.iubenda.com/en) to generate it. Iubenda is easy to use and can be added in just a few minutes, and the terms are automatically added.

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