Take the corresponding picture resources in the WebBrowser

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Using the Webbrower control in the client, the page is already displayed in the control, the corresponding picture resource should have been downloaded, the image resource is found from the cache, and both methods can be

1, Geturlcacheentryinfo

http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa384185 (v=vs.85). aspx

2, Findfirsturlcacheentry, FindNextUrlCacheEntry, Findcloseurlcache


voidCtesthaijiadlg::ondocumentcomplete (lpdispatch pdisp, LPCTSTR szurl) {if(Pdisp = =m_pBrowserApp)        {CString Scheckurl (szurl); if(Scheckurl.comparenocase (sloginurl) = =0)        {            if(m_sphtmldoc) {Cdispatch disp=M_sphtmldoc; Disp. Invokeptr (L"getElementById", L"txtUserName"). Put (L"value", L"ABC"); Disp. Invokeptr (L"getElementById", L"Txtpassword"). Put (L"value", L"ABC"); Cdispatch dispimg= disp. Invokeptr (L"getElementById", L"validimg"); CString s= Dispimg.get (L"src"); if(1) {Lpinternet_cache_entry_info lpcacheentry=NULL; DWORD dwentrysize=4096; Lpcacheentry= (Lpinternet_cache_entry_info)New Char[Dwentrysize]; Lpcacheentry->dwstructsize =dwentrysize; BOOL b= Geturlcacheentryinfo (S, Lpcacheentry, &dwentrysize); CString spath= lpcacheentry->Lpszlocalfilename;                    RECT RC1; SystemParametersInfo (Spi_getworkarea,0, (PVOID) &rc1,0); SetWindowPos (NULL,0, Rc1.bottom-4,0,0, swp_nosize);                    Cdlgcode Dlg; Dlg.                    SetPath (spath); if(DLG. DoModal () = =IDOK) {disp. Invokeptr (L"getElementById", L"Txtimgcode"). Put (L"value", CComVariant (Dlg.m_scode)); Disp. Invokeptr (L"getElementById", L"Btnlogin"). Invoke (L"Click"); SetWindowPos (NULL,0,0,0,0, swp_nosize); }                }                if(0) {Lpinternet_cache_entry_info lpcacheentry=NULL; HANDLE Hcachedir=NULL; DWORD dwtrysize, Dwentrysize=4096; DWORD dwerror=Error_insufficient_buffer; BOOL bsuccess, Bdone= FALSE;//has been processed and is initially set to false                     while(!bdone) {                        Switch(dwerror) { CaseError_insufficient_buffer:if(lpcacheentry) {delete [] lpcacheentry; } lpcacheentry= (Lpinternet_cache_entry_info)New Char[Dwentrysize]; Lpcacheentry->dwstructsize =dwentrysize; Dwtrysize=dwentrysize; if(!Hcachedir) {//is empty, stating the first execution, need to find the firstHcachedir = Findfirsturlcacheentry (null,lpcacheentry,&dwtrysize); Bsuccess= (Hcachedir! =NULL); }                            Else{bsuccess= FindNextUrlCacheEntry (hcachedir,lpcacheentry,&dwtrysize); }                            if(!bsuccess) {dwerror=GetLastError (); Dwentrysize= Dwtrysize;//use the resulting new length                            }                            Else{dwerror=error_success; }                             Break; //we is done                         CaseError_no_more_items:bdone=TRUE;  Break; //we have got an entry                         Caseerror_success:if(Bsuccess && (Normal_cache_entry & lpcacheentry->Cacheentrytype)) { //CString SURL1 = lpcacheentry->Lpszsourceurlname; if(Surl1.compare (s) = =0)                                {                                    //processing                                }                                //CTime lastmodified (lpcacheentry->lastmodifiedtime); //CTime lastaccessed (lpcacheentry->lastaccesstime); //a changed cookie-delete it! //if (lastmodified >= m_time | | lastaccessed >= m_time) {//Const CString NAME = lpcacheentry->lpszsourceurlname; //Const CString result = Lastmodified.format ("%i:%m:%s%p%d%b%Y"); //MessageBox (NULL, name + "Last modified" + result, "Deleting cookie", MB_OK); //deleteurlcacheentry (lpcacheentry->lpszsourceurlname);                            }                            //get ready for next entryDwtrysize =dwentrysize; if(! FindNextUrlCacheEntry (hcachedir,lpcacheentry,&dwtrysize)) {dwerror=GetLastError (); Dwentrysize= Dwtrysize;//use the resulting new length                            }                            Else{dwerror=error_success; }                             Break; //Unknown error                        default: CString strerror; Strerror.format (_t ("there is a error (%d) when trying deleting temporary internet files.\r\n"), dwerror);                            TRACE (strerror); Bdone=TRUE;  Break; if(Bdone) Break; Sleep (Ten);if(Lpcacheentry) {delete [] lpcacheentry; lpcacheentry =NULL;} if(Hcachedir) {Findcloseurlcache (hcachedir); hcachedir =NULL;}  Break; }}}}}} cdhtmldialog::ondocumentcomplete (Pdisp, szurl);} 

Take the corresponding picture resources in the WebBrowser

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