Take the essence, go to the dregs! Recommended for iOS developers on 15 major sites

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For iOS developers who want to get the most out of their skills, they need to learn from the experience of others and keep abreast of emerging technologies and tools. In addition to the Apple Developer Center, articles and resources on other sites are also valuable, and if you can learn one or two, it will be the icing on the cake. However, the time is precious, developers should have to take the essence, to remove the dross of eyesight, so as to do more.  The blogs and Web sites recommended in this article are thoroughly understood by author James Tang and must not be missed. Original Blog recommended 1. Objc.io

Objc.io's article quality is good, the opinion is profound, the pertinence is strong, all from the world top iOS engineer 's hand, updates monthly. In addition, Chris Eidhof, Daniel Eggert and Florian Kugler also developed a subscription-based ipad Newsstand app for the blog.

2. Subjective-c

Subjective-c has recently been sought after, and the site has been re-assembled with creative models and user interfaces in popular applications, as well as a host of experiments on programs and code libraries that are worth learning about. Unfortunately the author Sam Page has decided not to update again. Even so, the old article still has a reference value.

3. Nshipster

Nshipster the development process by class decomposition, in-depth analysis, and listing the model code for the reader's reference. The article covers a variety of coding styles and cutting-edge techniques for class application and execution. Creator Mattt Thompson is the father of Afnetworking, and the network library is now managed by Nate Cook.

4. Peter Steinberger

Peter Steinberger has created a personal blog with a wealth of high-quality program editing materials and program troubleshooting resources for developers to learn and apply. The popular iOS commercial PDF file library for apps like Dropbox and Evernote comes from his hand.

5. Ole Begemann

Ole Begemann's blog is mainly about experience sharing and exploring different coding styles and API designs, and sometimes it's interesting to reveal some of the classes that Apple uses exclusively.

6. Florian Kugler

Florian Kugler is also one of the creators of Objc.io. In his personal blog, there are many articles that evaluate and explore application performance, including the use of the multithreaded core data of the user interface (UI).

7. Nsblog

Nsblog uses the chic q&a model, the problem is more to the point, and not limited to objective-c a field. If you have questions about basic classes like re-building NSObject, ask the blogger Mike Ash.

8. Cocoa

While the content on cocoa is not targeted, it is valuable for iOS development and has a lot of insight from Tumblr's iOS developer team.

9. Krzysztof Zab?ocki

Krzysztof Zab?ocki's blog has a code architecture-related advice, tools, and Xcode skills to further refine the areas covered on the referral site, and high-quality articles have benefited developers.

IOS Development Tips

IOS Development Tips has just been set up soon, Blogger is Rounak Jain. The use of Xcode and API is trivial, developers if there is a tireless learning spirit, can also find a vast world.

Excellent website must not miss 11. IOS Dev Weekly

The iOS Dev Weekly was created by Dave Verwer and published articles related to iOS development, which is worth learning. The site has been updated weekly since 2011, with more than 20,000 subscribers and the ability to push safari notifications to users.

IOS Developer Tips

iOS Developer tips is one of the websites that updated iOS resources daily since 2008 and was created by John Muchow. From the development skills to the user experience , from gossip to experience and so on, a wide range.

IOS Goodies

iOS goodies is an up-and-comer on iOS news sites, including articles, controls/tools, business, user interfaces, and various media types. Updated weekly by Rui Peres and Tiago Almeida.


I'm writing a tutorial for Design+code recently. The site includes design and prototyping, step-by-steps illustrations, graphical resources, and demonstration code, and the creator Meng to be my friend, a legend with a story.


The founder of Appcoda is a developer from Hong Kong and a good friend of mine. He recently quit his job and run his own website full-time. Articles on Appcoda can be read online or paid for for download, primarily in the context of new APIs and implementation frameworks. If interested, you can follow him on Twitter, Simon Ng.


Take the essence, go to the dregs! Recommended for iOS developers on 15 major sites

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