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one, metro and soft and tender colors

Odam Luiran's website is metro style, this style is especially suitable for some of the more tender and soft colors, flat web Design in the 2014 years of popular so that the use of soft colors become more and more extensive. This color tone will be further extended in 2015, and macarons colors may often appear in web design.

 Second, the ash of the cold color pastel

The cold color of the gray is a kind of color that looks more hundred, but in fact, it is not an easy thing to use this kind of color appropriately. This kind of color performance is more neutral, so with any color will not appear abrupt, but not overhangs, and to let the real fusion between colors, should choose light pastel system transparent color, so that the Web page looks fresh and refined.

  Three, according to the picture with background color

Web design needs to look at the whole, and can not be targeted to see the local. The image displayed in the Web page is often a part of the idea and intention of the site, belonging to the elements of the site more important links, so let the background color to adapt to the color of the picture is understandable. As shown in the following case, the blue color picture matches the blue-gray background, the overall performance is very harmonious.

Four, only one focus color

When it comes to color matching, it is often said that a more conservative collocation method: a range of not more than three colors. This sentence is not entirely correct, the deeper meaning is that there can only be a focus color.

 Simple Grey as the keynote of the Web page

Using the gray as the main tone of the website is a relatively conservative approach. Gray is one of the simplest colors in all colors, so designers have a good reason to choose to use gray, so as to foil the content of the Web page readability, reduce the user's reading interference.

  Six, low transparency color

Low-transparency color is also likely to become the 2015 web design of the main color trend. Today's design increasingly pursues the user's interactive experience, so a low transparency color block makes it easier for users to discover and read.

 Seven, with high bright colors to reflect user interaction

A large number of high color design will cause the user's visual fatigue, it is very objectionable, but a small number of high color design can play a prominent role in the content can be effectively differentiated, but also to ensure consistency with the overall tone.

 Eight, do not easily reduce the brightness of the black

The following is a simple example of using black and orange. Orange as a very bright color sometimes brings a more dazzling feeling, but the case of orange but make our visual feel very comfortable. The reason is that designers in the original bright colors added some black, can make a contrast between colors, and not appear very conspicuous.

Want to play to such a level, the basic knowledge is absolutely indispensable: "The designer Color collection!" To teach you to learn color from scratch (i)

 Nine, the Blue is the website "The basic section"

Blue in the web design is not the wrong color, when you are indecisive or in the color of confusion, you can use blue to try, may be able to smooth out your problems.

There's no mistake. The color of the second change color master! 6 Web page Design color principles

  Ten, Monochrome Web page

Monochrome web design does not seem to have a color matching aspects of the problem, but the monochrome page said here should be understood as a single color page. Therefore, to create a unified color Web page, designers can be a basic hue to expand the hue, saturation and brightness and other conditions.

Color in any kind of design plays a very important role, the difference between the color can render a different emotional effect. Therefore, make good use of color and innate charm, it will enable your web design more special.

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