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Article title: talent: the weakness of Linux. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source.
It is not hard to find that Linux is approaching the enterprise step by step, but why can't we see remarkable results in the short term? According to a survey conducted by Zhongke Hongqi on the domestic Linux market, the main factors restricting the development of Linux in China are not only hard-Ware compatibility, but also the low degree of culture (18%) lack of understanding (accounting for 15%), less application software (accounting for 10%), difficult to manage and learn (accounting for 9%), etc, the root cause of this situation is the lack of Linux talents in China, which forms a bottleneck in the Linux market.
With the wide application of Linux in various industries, enterprises' demand for Linux talents will continue to increase. At present, many major companies in the industry are eager for Linux professionals. A group of influential big companies, such as IBM, HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Inspur, have a tendency to expand Linux talents dramatically. According to statistics, our country will have more than 1.2 million requirements for Linux talents within five years after joining the WTO, but because Linux is not included in school education courses, the supply of Linux talents is obviously insufficient. In contrast, Microsoft's Windows has a huge influence in China. in addition to school education, Microsoft has also recruited many talents through joint software schools in China in recent years.
In response to this situation, leading Linux vendors in China, such as Zhongke Hongqi and instant, have successively opened their own software training institutions. recently, instant software advocates and organizes the "instant free software Education Alliance ", it is a strategic alliance established with educational institutions that are based on the promotion, learning and use of Linux software on a voluntary, equal, reciprocal, and mutual assistance basis. It provides Linux courses in vocational colleges and higher vocational colleges, spread advanced Linux technology and cultivate excellent software application and development talents. According to Li Xinke, marketing director of the marketing center of China region of the real-time software company, the "alliance" will conduct layer-by-layer certification training nationwide and plan to establish regional real-time software management centers in 75 large and medium-sized cities nationwide? MC ?, Is there no less than 5 education centers in each regional management center? EC ?, Professionals who rapidly breed Linux operating systems have now built 5 MC instances.
According to industry analysts, the promotion in schools has a huge impact on the market of a software type. One of the reasons is that when students leave school, they may become employees of a company and may decide the company's choice of software. Therefore, facing the weakness of talent is a feasible way for Linux to defeat Microsoft Windows.
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