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So to speak, the Nobel Prize is the highest appreciation of innovative thinking.

Innovation in the field of natural science is the complement and improvement of their own fields. Innovation in Engineering is the complete destruction of old things and the creation of new things.

In the field of natural science, Einstein proposed the theory of relativity, Schrodinger proposed quantum mechanics, these two can be said modern physics milestone innovation. But these two theories did not overturn Newton's mechanics position, only has made the more detailed explanation to it, has found the application scope of the Newtonian mechanics, but the relativity and the quantum mechanics respectively corresponds is macroscopic and the microscopic. This is the same as the problem, in Euclidean geometry, a point outside the line can only be a straight line parallel with it. For the study of this problem, two mathematicians from different aspects, proved two completely opposite conclusion: a point beyond the straight line can be a number of lines parallel to it; b you can't make a straight line parallel to it. In fact, the above three of the conclusions can be set up, but it is used in Euclid space and non-Euclidean space.

In the field of engineering, an example of a new thing being found that causes the old to be completely eliminated is endless. Take the semiconductor industry, in the early computer, especially the first computer, all of its circuit switch components, the use of electronic tubes, which is equivalent to the size of our school ordinary classroom four times times the size. In 1947, William Shockley (William Shockley), John Barton (John Bardeen) and Watt Bratton (Walter Brattain) succeeded in making the first transistor at Bell Labs, which later replaced the tube position quickly. At first, people just used germanium to make transistors, and later became silicon. In 1971, Intel released its first microprocessor 4004. The 4004 specifications are 1/8 "x 1/16" and contain just over 2000 transistors and are manufactured using Intel's 10 micron PMOs technology. Since then, the era of MOS tube has been ushered into today.

According to some discoveries in history, there are four main aspects of innovative thinking.

1. Imaginary

This kind of thinking is difficult, because this is based on the fact that you do not know anything about the subjective speculation of an unknown thing. As early as Third century BC, an ancient Greek geographer completed the measurement of the Earth's radius. On the day of the summer solstice, he discovered at Sailly that the midday sun was shining right into the bottom of the hole. By the summer solstice of the second year, he found at one point in the Alexander City that the angle of the sun to the lead line was θ, and the radius of the earth was calculated as 7080km. Although there is a 10%z error between the current measurement values, the result is quite accurate. He just uses the assumption that the sun is parallel to each other, plus some basic knowledge of geometry, to draw the conclusion of the Earth's radius subjectively.

2. Epiphany

For example, Einstein's discovery of the theory of relativity, because of the temporary leap of thought into an unknown state, for the objective phenomenon, jumping the limitations of its history, directly understand some unknown things. Einstein is, imagine if you can run as fast as the light, what you see the world will be like, time is a concept of what, space is a kind of existence, whether there is some kind of connection.

3. Details

As we all know, the drug now has the say of chiral drugs. Mirror symmetry of the two drugs, one of which is to save the antidote, but another may be poison.

4. Lenovo

Dirac's predictions of positron existence, Euler's expansion of Goldbach conjecture, etc.

5. Imagine

This is also the most important point of innovative thinking, imagination can create a world without the existence of things and their theory.

6. Dialectical thinking

Talk about creative thinking

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