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I want to say something to someone who expects to get useful information from my article before I tell you about My Learning style:
Silent article will not play a substantial role in your study, you can succeed, but also rely on their own, adhere to, adhere to, and then adhere to, is to enter the success of the begotten.
I first put my own learning PHP process to do a summary:
(1) familiar with Html/css/js and other basic elements of Web pages, complete the stage can make a complete Web page, to the element of the familiar degree of attributes
(2) Understand the concept of dynamic language, transport mechanism, familiar with PHP syntax
(3) Learn how to combine PHP with HTML to complete a simple dynamic page
(4) Contact MySQL, start to design the database program
(5) Continue to consolidate, understand most PHP commonly used functions, and understanding Oop,mysql optimization, as well as template
(6) Complete a full-featured dynamic site
My line may be with a lot of learning PHP fans coincide, this is a step-by-step learning process, but the novice do not see the above summary thought that learning is quite simple, silently here have to you a little splash of cold water, anything in fact is not simple, Even the snack sesame seed cake is not to be made at once.
Let me explain my idea of study first.
First of all, understand the concept of the site is not difficult to see, any site is composed of Web pages, that is, want to complete the site, you must first learn to do the Web page, so you must master the HTML, in order to lay the foundation for future production sites.
In learning HTML I want to learn while doing is the most effective way, of course, this way for learning PHP is also the most effective.
Any element in HTML has to be practiced in person, and only if you understand what the element will do, you will remember deeply, and blindly gnawing book, absolutely is not, I think most of the novice think the concept is difficult to learn, most is a word "lazy", lazy is the biggest enemy to prevent progress, so overcome the habit of lazy, Can learn the same thing faster.
Maybe when you are learning PHP, just want to develop a website as soon as possible, will want me to do the website, why to learn what webpage these pediatrics? It is not difficult to see, Yangaoshoudi Novice not a few, this idea is undoubtedly in building castles in the castle, you do not build the foundation, where to the roof?
OK, master the production of static Web pages is the prerequisite to learn to develop a website, this is mentioned here, because this article is not a tutorial article, it is not the technology for in-depth analysis of the plane.
I assume that you can now complete a static page, of course, do a good look ugly is another said, silently the first page is not good-looking where to go, but the "child" again ugly, we do "parents" can not abandon it? After all, this is our result.
So we began to learn the concept of dynamic language, just a touch of dynamic language, may be a lot of people will be blindfolded, how this messy things, in the Web page when the show is another thing? In fact, this is not a mess, you write the HTML code is not the same heap of characters? After all, the code is not as a direct output, but processed, frankly speaking, HTML is through the HTML parser, and PHP of course, through the PHP parser, and learn the same truth as HTML, want any parser to complete the operation, you must use their specific syntax structure, So it's no surprise that PHP looks strange.
The understanding of PHP is the most difficult for beginners to cross the threshold, but you should feel lucky that PHP has been the most extreme for the novice to work hard, if you have learned other languages, you may find that PHP is quite simple, but if you have not learned anything before, then Amitabha, to bite the bullet.
The book over three times natural ripe, this simple truth tells us, even if you do not understand PHP, but also must first with it face ripe, see, over and over again look, look at the same time while pondering, while according to it taught to play code, even if you do not know what the code is, but at least you should find the feeling.
After a struggle, the smart you, obviously gradually enlightened, slowly understand the concept of programming, then congratulate you, you have taken the first step of success.
To understand the concepts of HTML and PHP, then PHP and HTML mixed programming should not be a problem, during this time, you can completely let PHP calculate one plus one equals a few, and then output in the browser, do not feel naïve, this is indeed the same as the Apollo landing, you hit a small piece of code, but for your programming path , but a big step! Are you excited? But I have to pour some cold water on you, you are still a rookie.
Happy a period of time must continue to work hard, the next is to learn the database, MySQL can be regarded as the golden partner of PHP, but, although the words is so, you may wish to have to devour the MySQL, because this line of the dongdong simply let oneself dizzy.
dizziness, dizziness, dizzy, you can not eat when you bite your tongue will never eat it? Put down the fear, continue to work, we are to conquer it, not be conquered by it, cheer up comrade.
After a struggle, you finally understand the concept of the database, and let you excited is that you can finally connect to the database through PHP, this period how you learned, we do not go to textual research, but it turns out, you already can.
Learned PHP and database of you, is undoubtedly left hand holding motolola right hand holding Nokia, to be more natural, how natural, haha, finally learned, but perhaps this time, someone inadvertently patted the shoulder to you said: "Dude, don't be happy too early, you are still rookie, away from the learning still a big cut it!"
Wait until you work hard to learn the successful insertion of PHP, delete, update data, obviously, you have been close to success.
This time you may be in this state:
Do you know how to HTML? Yes, I can make up a few big table layout pages!
Do you know how to do php? Yes, I'll write one plus one in the function, and then call!
Do you know how to MySQL? Yes, I'll insert my information in the database and delete it.
So, what are you going to do next? I think, small try skill, probably is no problem, then give you a task, make a message this, this and hello world have a ratio ah! ^_^, same is the first pass that the novice faces.
It took a while for you to finally learn to insert the form's data into the database and then show it, it should be said that a prototype of the program has been born.
However, you may look east, see West, people this forum, that CMS, and what CRM, when I write a?
Do not worry, you can say that your stance has been tied almost, and then start practicing 把势, if there is a condition, with a pen or print a simple PHP manual on the body, from time to time to see, remember, to WC also can not let go (^2^).
If you have any more conditions, buy a book. "Php+mysql Web Development (third edition)" known as The Bible class, (perhaps a good choice (statement: The author did not give me any wouldn't, I am not a book, across the way, I even his brother's face have not seen the said-_-)
Consolidate their knowledge, familiar with the PHP and MySQL development essentials, and then look back at the message you wrote, you may wonder if it is really you wrote it? Of course, if there's a ghost in the house, maybe it's written-_-.
This time, your message should be added to the registration and paging function, and if you are stronger, the UI (user interface) can also be enhanced, after the completion of the feeling is not a unique sense of accomplishment? Anyway, we have written a dynamic website program, put on their own site to play it, let good friends to see, hey, see how good I write, and then online publicity.
A few days later you open the message book, eh? Wow, a bit more N-page pop-up! It is obvious that your message did not do a good job of security precautions, was a small fool with JS code a bit, I sympathize with your feelings this time, but there is no other way, continue to work hard!
You work hard, familiar with the security aspects of the problem, and then designed a number of programs, it feels good.
So, what, then, does that even learn? No,no,no, it's still early, you haven't touched OOP or anything like that? What about the template?
Yes, learn! Learn and learn, learn these, you have learned to generate static Web pages, now you should touch the XML, well, XML also understand, then Ajax you have to contact it? Ajax is over .... And then...
In a word, you will never find that you have all learned, some real strongman will always make new things to throw to you, you do not learn to lag behind, also confirmed the experience of the predecessors, is really learning ah!
I would like to pass my yy, you should be familiar with some of the learning process, perhaps my process and some of your way out, but no matter how the same, I write so much, but also to give you a reference to the opportunity, as for good and bad, silently dare not pack the ticket ^0^
After reading you find, wordy so much, to me a little use no ah, I know how to learn, but I think how to learn faster, a week crash, ah no, 24-hour crash kind, silently you have?
I....... I didn't, but I got you in the hospital in 2 minutes, I'm sure-_-.
Learn things, never dream of a crash this said, tell you a way, but lack of effort in this aspect, it is in vain.
But one thing I can guarantee you is that you learn PHP, then learn other languages, certainly quick, and vice versa, if you have learned other languages before, then learn PHP must be fast.
But grammar is studious, but how to use grammar to realize that everyone has a way of everyone, is almost the same. However, learn from others successful code, is absolutely beneficial harmless, therefore, look at those who have been thoroughly tempered by the classic code, is the best way to advanced.
Speaking so much, nothing more than to say: learn PHP not only to master methods, more is to pay sweat, I do not want to see the halfway to give up the people, believe in themselves, believe in their own choice, but also believe that their ability, if they want to give up, a little bit of violence, they smoke their own mouth, and then roar: Why wouldn't I be? (is not a bit hell the taste of the coach, silent indeed is a film to see more, smoking mouth is painful, you actually understand this reason on the line)
In addition, to warn you, resist temptation, asp/php/jsp/. NET contrast may let you at a loss, you may learn half of PHP, and began to play the idea of C #, or someone said Java is very strong, this time you absolutely can not shake, even if you really want to learn, you have to learn PHP. Then learn, inconstant is the most undesirable, bear snapping corn is this truth, if you often give up halfway, can only be nothing, but also wasted more than n time and experience, the most important thing is that you will be looked down upon, no one will like to make friends with the inconstant, because such people are too restless, too unreliable, Therefore, you have to force yourself to accomplish your goals, even if it can be very uncomfortable, but also insist that perseverance is so tempered.

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