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Myth 1: Unrestricted is the best

JS (profiteers): "This site to sell 100M support ASP space, without any restrictions, you can put forums, lakes, chat rooms and so on!" ”
In fact, this is just a way to mislead users, so far, no server in the world to dare to say that their server support unlimited number of online! A Server main * Three major resources: bandwidth, memory and CPU, we judge the quality of the server from these three aspects, but these three resources are limited. If the server is less good to do, you know how bad the service is.

Myth 2: Universal space

JS: "This site fully support ASP, CGI, PHP, JSP and so on!" ”
No need to look, the final price must be unacceptable to you (very high, students do not need to buy) ...

Myth 3: Low-priced space

JS: 1G space, 450 yuan a year! ”
This can make some friends who want to build music websites happy. Some Web site forum dedicated 50M space (50 people online) to sell to 400 yuan, add 50 yuan can buy 1G server, not beautiful? Unfortunately Ah, bought a space, an ASP do online playback system ... What the?
ASP not supported? The original is static space? It's no use to go to the admin, they've sold out the space.

Myth 4: Shared Server--a perfect choice

Reality: With the development of the network, some people buy the website space is not want to do the website, but use it, or as the Enterprise QQ server.
JS: "60 people share the server, unlimited space, the annual cost of less than 1000 yuan!" ”
The services provided by these JS, if 60 websites share a server to put on a Web page OK Say (open ftp), this is cheap and convenient, but some websites in order to be able to make more money, they will open Windows 2000 remote management function, give you assign an account management, just like on your own computer, In case of some account permissions design wrong, others may see your site's database (because it is shared) ...

Second, choose your own website space

I believe you know these misunderstandings will be a little dizzy, then buy what kind of space good?

1. Agent Space

Some of the sites now for profit, to help some of the sale of virtual host sites to sell space, get some commission. For example: A is a virtual host, B is an agent, a website to sell 100M ordinary space for 100 yuan, while the B site to sell 100M space for 90 yuan! (Dizzy  lose money for business?) In fact, a provision of 100M space price of 70 yuan, sell their own to earn 30 yuan! Agent B for Sale, the price of 100 yuan to increase prices, must not sell out. A regulation B to sell 90 yuan, so that people will choose to buy B space, and a can make money!

Note: Look at the example above, we still go to buy some more reputable agent space bar. But the agent opened the space is through the total business, so the website opening time to be about 12 hours late.

2. There is limited space

Limited space is generally limited to traffic, FTP upload the largest file and at the same time the number of online, such as the quality of the site service is relatively good, especially suitable for some novice build station needs (less traffic, hehe).

3. Space with permission

Ordinary HTML space, you still have to apply for a guest book in other websites, if the website is closed, you can not see the message. Some support space (such as ASP, CGI, etc.) can be stored in the forum or a guest book, such as script resources, the forum, guest books on their own space, both convenient management and security can be *, so the niche strongly recommend you buy support space.

Third, choose the right space for their own

1. Ordinary HTML space: this kind of space is suitable to just learn to make a webpage of person, or some download site;
2. Forum dedicated space: Regular space business can not make your forum unrestricted, will generally control in the 20~40 people around. If your forum can more than 50 people, must buy the forum dedicated space, this kind of space is more expensive  if you are really very full of popularity, you can use advertising fees to earn back AH;
3. Special space for Rivers and lakes: this kind of space is the most expensive in all space, also limit the number of online.

When a customer buys a virtual host or service, the following process is remembered!

First, the service provider must have a business license to buy the network products. This is the premise, he includes business license, agency code, tax registration certificate, etc., such a company is safe, if you want to verify is not a fake, you can directly call the local business phone inquiries, because the service providers of these things, out of trouble, what is good to solve, And this is also a symbol of strength, they are only a monthly tax, business management fees, rent has been a lot of money, so you can fully believe that such IDC.

Second, as far as possible into the company account, because that kind of account, what happened, the bank can be found, can be frozen, this is proof of your transaction. But his bad is, two days to get to the account, and to tax, big customers adopt, the next is free.

Third, sign the contract, whether it is a virtual host or

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