Talk about NetSuite China cooperation agent how and what are the pros and cons

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NetSuite is the world's leading provider of enterprise-class cloud ERP and finance packages, with more than 20,000 companies, organizations and subsidiaries running complex, critical business processes through NetSuite in the cloud. It provides a sophisticated financial management system and ERP system to better integrate with the enterprise's sales and service processes, to meet the structural diversity of modern enterprises, and complex business growth needs. Unlike traditional accounting software systems, NetSuite ERP enables enterprise managers to make more accurate decisions by streamlining operations across organizations and providing real-time data and report icons.

NetSuite China Partnership Agent

Triggernetworks NetSuite is the earliest partner in China, responsible for services including business process consulting, system implementation and IT management support in different industries. Localized solutions include domestic GAAP reporting, payroll, third-party e-commerce platforms and NetSuite integration, and customized development for different business needs. and the financial localization solution is built on the NetSuite cloud platform, the user only through the browser login NetSuite, in the menu bar can be a click directly to generate a report that conforms to the domestic common criteria. There is no need to invest heavily in additional IT infrastructures and to generate localized financial statements by installing third-party software.

NetSuite ERP Introduction to System Advantages

1 , ledger account matching: Each subsidiary generates a ledger account without affecting the consolidation of the global ledger accounts report;

2 , easy to install: Using cloud Computing Solutions, each subsidiary takes less than a week to complete the installation setup system;

3 , reduce audit risk: All data is integrated in one system, there is no need to worry about the data synchronization between the two systems;

4 , easy to maintain: After the completion of the chart of accounts, the addition of the first and two levels of the ledger account is very simple;

5 , accelerate order-cash flow by more than 50%.

6 and reduce financial settlement time by more than 50%.

7 , provide real-time data, reports, and personalized dashboards to make faster and better decisions.

8 , support any time, any place to visit, improve productivity.

9 , reduce upfront and ongoing IT spending, and provide automated product upgrades to reduce cost of ownership.

NetSuite ERP system Function Introduction

Financial management

Mature financial management including General ledger, Accounts receivable, accounts payable, fixed Assets management, multi-currency management, revenue recognition, revenue management, financial statements.

Supply Chain and Inventory management

Netsuiteerp the system provides complete production, warehouse and inventory management, procurement automation simplifies the procurement process and strengthens the supplier management.

Order and Invoicing Management

NetSuite order and invoicing management to quickly track order-to-cash processes. NetSuite assists in increasing the accuracy of quotations, speeding up the invoicing process and reducing the error rate of order management and invoicing.

Logistics and Order Fulfillment

Netsuiteerp The system improves your shipping efficiency, reduces logistics costs, and integrates seamlessly with top shipping companies like FedEx, UPS and USPS.

Human Capital Management

Streamline HR management processes with 24x 7 of self-service portals for employee time management, incentive compensation, expense reporting and payroll.

Financial Analysis and reporting

Accelerate your financial settlement process by providing real-time, role-based dashboards and summaries from the finance team, refining financial analysis, loyalty cards, and reports.

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Talk about NetSuite China cooperation agent how and what are the pros and cons

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