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After graduation, around the Beijing SEO colleagues more than 95%, basically living a very casual, so-so make up on the line, perhaps some for the dream, perhaps some for a future, have chosen to leave a person's struggle, but also some of the monthly wages of 23,000, feel that there is a TV watching computer play, It feels like it's enough ...

October comes, faced with another round of graduation wave, some SEO-related students, has been relatively easy SEO related work in place, but also for a variety of reasons to join in with their own professional not in line with the industry SEO new feeling find work is not easy, but the future is full of hope, But do not know that those who have been in the SEO industry for several years of senior sister sisters, more is with deep concern ...

Just out of school, maybe a kind of out of the cage, want to fly the lofty ideals, looking forward to become the society's elite dream, but the relentless reality is that, including the SEO industry, regardless of state-owned, private, foreign enterprises which kind of enterprise, if there is no relevant work experience, then the university just graduated you in just embark on the SEO position, Also only from the SEO outside the chain Commissioner, network editor, starting from zero, once the favored salary is only two-thirds of the general Staff, this is the first time in the SEO industry, the most difficult times, perhaps through the past, a year or two, the position will be from the chain, edit, assistant slowly to do the director, wages from 2K, 3K into 5K, 8K, Seems to have a good career development, however, in fact, the SEO industry, most people's position will stay in the engineer and supervisor this stage, wages will stay in the 3K to 5K, and then difficult to progress. From SEO supervisor to SEO Manager, the salary development to more than 5K for the majority of college students is difficult to achieve.

SEO talent, whether the network or the job fair, many companies say that SEO talent is difficult to find, but we need to be clear that they say SEO talent is the kind of people who can bring the biggest profits at any time, rather than just out of the school you, many students like to find some outside the chain Commissioner, Network editor, Edit Assistant These look good SEO work, when you finally squeezed the head in, only to find that these SEO jobs like a handyman, there is no technical content, which means that the threshold is low, low threshold means that people can do whatever, which means that the elimination of high. Now the society is very realistic, small and medium-sized seo companies are understaffed, but there is no shortage of ordinary people, casually released some recruitment information can come to a large pile of seoer to interview, just select who the problem, many SEO company's HR daily do is the major job recruitment, the major recruiting network to publish SEO recruitment information, For SEO basic jobs, they consider more how to recruit people with low wages, rather than think of ways to retain, because China's population, you do not do, some people do, especially in the SEO talent market for cheap and new graduates have a lot of ...

Now a lot of small and medium-sized SEO company general lack of SEO training mechanism, the sense of belonging to the middle of the SEO company you actually have no irreplaceable role in the company, SEO high-level posts are limited and high demand, and later there are many excellent, in the whole SEO needs of the growing talent, With the spread of SEO, the expectations of new job seekers, the middle tier in front of no route after the embarrassment of pursuit. To know that SEO is not a pot or rice bowl of the industry, rowing, when you can not grasp the latest technology, you can ensure that those who are abandoned must not you ...

Many engaged in SEO professional colleagues have this feeling, feel that their life is so small, the normal range of activities is basically the company, rental rooms, supermarkets 3.1 lines. Perhaps the most activity is to go to the supermarket to buy the necessities of life. Other social life is to play cards with colleagues, drink, simply cannot build up their own social resources. You are alone in the outside to fight, no parents around, only a bunch of colleagues in the same way, when you need help, need to safeguard their rights and interests, people around you can do nothing. Your Circle of life is so narrow, the interpersonal relationship seems so pale. One day, you leave the current SEO company to another place, existing colleagues and friends will lose contact, you need to be in the new company again. The helpless drift is doomed to always repeatedly painted in different sizes but the shape of a similar circle.

Now a lot of SEO training is very fire, in fact, we all understand that a short day or two training may not bring about what effect, but everyone is happy, those many of the same level of friends, may not be able to better than their own technology, but through mutual exchange, bring the promotion is very obvious, whether it is to help others, or be helped by others, is a kind of growing fun, little Q recently participated in a Beijing SEO online sharing meeting, several friends to meet the help is very large, rather than to participate in training, but also to expand their social circle, colleagues may be a moment, but a friend is a lifetime.

SEO industry is very wide, whether it is website construction, or network marketing is very exciting, little Q advice, but when you really determined to devote to the development of SEO industry, as a novice seo you must put in their own posture, the time to enrich enough energy, so as to create their own new stage of the SEO!

Kepwe CEO Andy Sun said, SEO industry is very simple, successful platform has three kinds: first, you create a platform; second, buy a platform; third, borrow a platform. In the existing overall slightly impetuous SEO industry environment, to maintain a forward and firm heart is your SEO industry forward momentum, and constantly rely on a variety of resource strength, is your SEO industry to advance the indispensable help.

Small Q from the HR perspective for everyone to do a simple career positioning:

1, determine yourself: Who you are, what you fit to do the job

2, tell others: who you are, what you are good at doing work

HR Chu Yongxie finally to the progress in the SEO process has been confusing everyone a suggestion, for SEO career Direction choice has 3:1, SEO Foundation, outside the chain Commissioner, network editor (these are all SEO team must); second, SEO business, SEO Customer Manager, SEO product manager (SEO team core members); Third, SEO mainstay, SEO engineer, SEO Analyst (SEO Team Development Foundation).

This article by the HR Chu Yongxie, one is to those who want to devote to SEO novice friend some reminders, and also hope for SEO career planning is not very clear friends put forward some suggestions, hope to the general seoer some help, thank you.

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