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Engaged in the Internet industry in 10, has been responsible for the operation of Business-to-business websites, created a dating site, participated in the operation of a SNS website, just in this period of rest time, their own in the site operation of some experience, experiences and problems summed up, with a view to the discussion with you.

The scope of website operation includes: product design, content operation, content update, marketing and other related operations management work. Specific performance for the site planning, product development, network marketing, customer service, market promotion, etc.

Then I start with the viscosity of the site, as a website operator, we have to face a problem, is how to improve the viscosity of the website members, the generalized viscosity refers to the site's repeated use of the degree (dependence, loyalty), and the user migration costs are basically proportional. I think that viscosity refers to the dependence of individual users on the interaction of one or more specific people within a community, not on the application of a community product or function. Usually the higher the viscosity of the Web site reflects the value, so how to improve user viscosity is one of the first tasks of the website operation.

We can promote through the network marketing tactics, can be a short time to attract people, but retain people I think need the following aspects, to my actual experience to say, for your reference:

First, what is the user needs?
First, we need to observe and understand what the user is doing and doing.
For example, a doorknob, we need to observe and understand how the user to use, pull? Push?.?

Second, we need to know what users think and why they do it.
What they are thinking about in the process of using the doorknob and after use, including what it feels like inside his head.

Next, we are going to understand what the user knows? ”
What kind of foundation does he have, have you ever seen a door handle that you've designed? (Knowledge accumulation, use experience 、..? )

At the same time, we need to know what the user is thinking line, and what kind of preset logic your design gives him.
When he saw the doorknob going to open the door, how he was going to finish it. (When you tell the user "put an elephant in the fridge", what kind of plan does he make?) )

Finally, we also need to understand: what users have the ability to accept and learn.
If the user had never seen a round door handle, and would not have thought of twisting the door, then he was able to accept and quickly learn to "twist the door".

On the Internet, we find that any kind of hobby can find a group of people, such as reading books, listening to music, shopping, and even childcare, can find that each of the needs will lead a group of people to bring them together. Various types of Web sites to become a provider of a demand, and this way of providing, many people think that compared to traditional portals, more focused, more personalized. I think the same kind of demand, different ways of behaving, can also get feedback from different people, because we all want to get better service.

We use a service that allows a group of people to like to attract them, of course we want them to stay and become loyal users of the site, then I think this job should be the community. At the same time to meet the needs of the service, but also in the direction of the development of the Web site, and even business models.

People through a demand to attract to the site, participate in sharing, development is no longer just to meet a demand, as the site itself is not a service provider, but a service platform, users can create demand on the platform, meet the needs, improve demand. So I think this is also the advantage of the site, the need for extensibility and scalability is very good, forever beta version, always help users to create better services.

User demand determines the atmosphere of the community, determines the business model, determines the size of the profit.

Of course, user needs are easy to find, just like a good idea, but the real development, only idea is not enough. Whether has the excellent product design ability, whether has the excellent website operation ability, I thought these all are very important. If you want to talk about website design, website Operation Development, that can write a few, just think of these, casually talk, I always think that the user is the core value of the site, the site must also be around users to do, even for the user's own attention to the level of the site itself.

Although we are on the stage, the user in the performance, the actor's enthusiasm, in addition to the stage under the applause of the viewer, for the service under the curtain is also very important.

Practical experience:
Have you ever had a problem with a social networking site? That is, when a target user is registered as your member, most members do not know what the site is for. I do not know what they can get from this site? What are they going to do here? These problems are also the common problems of some SNS websites in China, therefore, not only to stay in the "play Concept", "theory" level, but in the actual work, the application of some effective methods to let themselves understand the needs of users and solve the needs of users. In short, operation is more important than idea, practice is more important than theory!

I am making a dating site, the same problem is the opposite, when the site in 2004 in Alex three months average ranking of more than 300, three-month average visitors to browse the number of pages: 20 pages, and its members only a few of the SNS site. So how does a dating site solve the problem? Simply say: Register first, complete the registration process of dating site need more than 20 minutes. Most of our sites say that my registration is simple, just 10 seconds, which is the difference. Next is the registration of successful or after the login page, the dating site after the login, according to the individual fill out the information, for them to match their favorite music, friends and related content and so on, to meet some of their needs, and most of our website will remind you should invite your friends to join, Or show your relationship circle or let you improve the information and so on, will cause new members come in unaccompanied and confused, this is another difference. We have to believe that most members are never going to spend a lot of time getting to know and experience a website. So, can we draw the conclusion that people are brought together by common goals and interests, sharing the joys of life and finding solutions to problems in the workplace, and not being together for the purpose of making friends.

Second, how to meet and solve the needs of users?
1. Product Design
The first step is to analyze the website, not the design. Through to the website target user's need and the characteristic analysis, worked out the product the overall structure. is to determine what products are available to the user

The second step analysis competitor, from the competition website registration starts, the careful use, the experience each other's service, if good service or the product, must record and the preservation, and according to own website's situation conformity, only I all, and does know that.

The third step of product positioning must be closely around the site positioning and user needs to decide.

The fourth step of product design, which is like designing a shop display, what kind of product is most eye-catching in the window, what kind of products are best sold on the counter, what kind of products are very unpopular in the warehouse, only when the old customers occasionally come to ask, so this does not need to spend a lot of money and time, but can make significant changes in the product. Remember: It's about making technology work for the user, not the User Service technology.

In short, the availability of a product can start with the following five aspects:

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