Talking about Android anti-compilation tool Apktool,dex2jar,jd-gui

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Oneself layout pattern or way is very fixed, see a cool interface, always want to see how layout, today small snail take everyone learn how to use these three tools.

Download the latest software on each software website

The use of each software is described in two separate sections

1. Use Apktool First

The apk that will be recompiled is placed in the directory where the downloaded Apktool.bat is located, such as:

Then cmd command line input apktool d-f xxx.apk TT NOTE: xxx.apk is to decompile the APK, TT is the place to put the APK anti-compile file, especially

reminders, do not initially build this directory, execute the previous command after the automatic generation. if the compilation succeeds, the following directory structure will be generated

Res is the resource file we want to view, pictures, layouts, etc...

2.dex2jar Tools

Change the apk suffix to zip, open the package, and you can see Classes.dex copy it to the directory where Dex2jar.bat is located, then enter Dex2jar.bat on the cmd command line Classes.dex

The classes-dex2jar.dex is generated as shown in:

The last tool is to open the jar and see the structure of the code inside.

where A,b,c and so on are confused code can only look at the code structure.

Note: Sometimes the code anti-compilation error, there are some apk confusion causes can not be normal anti-compilation, this has a connection to solve the problem, very good


If the normal apk does not compile successfully it is necessary to see the download of the Apktool tool has a problem.

In fact, by changing the apk suffix to zip, you can also see the resource files, not necessarily apktool,apktool should be to compile the file as an apk it.

Know can be sprayed below, just a little personal opinion!

Talking about Android anti-compilation tool Apktool,dex2jar,jd-gui

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