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Baidu is on fire. Where is it? On the Nasdaq Stock Market in the United States of America in August 5, 2005.

By the way, it's not China, a Chinese company. In the IT industry, it's a sign of success by making money on the U.S. stock market. I, it migrant workers-Naturally I have to feel deeply.

1. What is the amount of money from the stock market to Baidu's listing? It is 1. USD 0.9 billion. The success of financing indicates that investors recognize the future of Baidu. Why do we say this, because Baidu's annual report earned 3000 million US dollars. Baidu's listing is a victory for overseas Chinese such as Li Yanhong. Beijing's richest man, ---- more than a hundred more people.

2. Baidu is the victory of capital. Looking at the issue price and final deal price, you can see that the underwriter is making money. We have reason to imagine how much resources capital speculators have invested in this. I once stressed that Baidu's successful listing is the victory of the capitalists, not the victory of the stockholders.

3. I have to think of Google's $300 million-dollar share price and Baidu's madness. I believe this is just a game of the capital market. Those people are just items that all companies use as a prop to fight for money. This story was once again staged in August 5.

4. Is Baidu a Chinese Internet company? Of course, it is very typical, but when you think that he is listed in the United States, you should understand that Baidu in Beijing is a subsidiary of an American company. The concept of China is Baidu's biggest sign, and U.S. investors have bought the future of the Chinese Internet-if they make the right investments.

5. What is the impact on the Internet in China when China has another it overlord? What changes will the search market make? How Does Baidu make money? It is a good topic. Unfortunately, it migrant workers in the downstream of the IT ecosystem can think, but have no right to speak. When an industry is getting closer and closer to capital operations, do we have opportunities to start a business at the grassroots level?

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