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There has been a period of time, brush flow to enhance the weight of the site, get a good ranking in the webmaster is widely used, a variety of brush flow of software has emerged. What Flow Wizard, Flow po, such as brush flow software abound. I don't know if such a method works, because I don't use these tools to brush the flow. According to the current brush flow of the popularity, the role is still some.

With the continuous improvement of Baidu algorithm, brush flow method is not much use. To brush thousands of visits a day, relying on people to brush is unrealistic and difficult to achieve. The market on the brush flow software, simulation that the brush flow of the way, after all, not to think that the search brush flow, just a machine. In the Baidu algorithm perfect, it is easy to distinguish whether the flow of human-generated or machine brush. The optimization method of rage brush flow is lonely. The reason is now ahead, because now I optimize the mobile phone lottery software site, want to pass the total artificial search brush flow, so that the analysis is conducive to ranking.

Next I talk about the mobile phone lottery software site is how to artificially brush the flow, as well as its effect.

First of all, I make sure that the flow of traffic is really artificial search, without the help of any brush flow work. I am in some of the network release task, let the Wei guest to complete the task, give them a certain commission. In the brush mobile phone lottery software site traffic, I just brush about 50 per day flow, because to completely artificial search, no way to achieve so large flow. Later I looked for some new methods, such as some task groups, in the group to publish the task, completed, audit by paying its certain commission.

Brush Flow method: The first choice to determine the mobile phone lottery software site's core keywords, here I selected two keywords, and then search set a good two keywords, find I want to brush the flow of mobile phone lottery software site, click Traffic, to ensure that each navigation page is clicked, the total flow time in 3 minutes; Finally, the quality of the task to set certain requirements, such as each person should be accompanied by IP, the same IP to complete the task only once, in order to ensure that there are clicks on each page and access time is long enough to request to attach time and click on each section of the page screenshots and so on. These requirements are to ensure the quality of the brush flow.

Brush flow is not a brush on the line, there is a time of continuity, so the mobile phone lottery software site Brush Flow task, I was sticking to the brush half a month or so, 50 a day about the flow. After half a month to observe the brush of these two words ranked change. After analyzing the complete task brush flow on the ranking of the promotion has certain help. This is related to the competitive strength of the key words, the competitive word ranking difficult to come up, the competitive strength of small brush up the chance of a lot. As I set the two keywords are the mobile phone lottery software and mobile lottery software development. Half a month later, after observing the two-word ranking change, mobile lottery software development from the original 3rd page up to the first choice. But the mobile lottery software rankings have not changed much. Because of the competitiveness of the word, ranked on the first page of the opportunity is some high weight, high collection of sites.

Want to let brush flow on the site rankings have an impact, need to pay attention to two: first, to ensure that the flow of natural search is complete; second, to ensure that the length of time to visit the site, the user stay for a long time, the quality of the site on behalf of the high; third, brush flow of the length of time, must not brush a few days do not brush, be sure to stick This will be effective, at least 10 days or more.

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