Talking about placeholders in python, talking about python

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Talking about placeholders in python, talking about python

Placeholder, as its name implies, is the symbol inserted into the output. We can understand it as booking a hotel. When we tell the hotel, there will be a reservation in the hotel system. Although we haven't gone yet, our customers will be behind us.

There are three common placeholders:

1.% d integer placeholder

>>> 'I scored % d' % 20' I scored 20 '>>>' I scored % d '% 20.5; I scored 20 points '> "I scored % d, improved % d" % (50, 10) "I scored 50 points, improved by 10 points"

% D can only hold integers. Even if the original number is a floating point number, it is forcibly converted to an integer.

2.% f floating point placeholder

>>> "I took % f" % 66.666 "I took 66.666000" >>> 'I took % F' % 66' I took 66.000000 '>>>" I passed % f, %. 2f "% (66, 12.369)" I took 66.000000 exams and improved by 12.36"

% F can only hold floating-point numbers, while %. xf is precise to the x-digit after the decimal point.

3.% s string placeholder

>>> '% S' % Ture' >>>' % s, % s' % (123, abc) '2017, abc'

% S placeholder string, with the maximum number of applications.


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